Welcome to YCS Philadelphia!

May 27th, 2023

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series is back in the city of brotherly love!

For the first time in over 9 years, Duelists have gathered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to test their skills against one another with the goal of taking home a YCS championship trophy!

Kashtira Decks have steadily established themselves as one of the most dominant Decks in the current Advanced Format, but the success of Kashtira Duelists this weekend is far from guaranteed. Several other strategies have proven that they are able to compete with Kashtira Decks at the highest levels of competition. These strategies include Floowandereeze, Naturia, Runick, Spright, Mathmech, and more! Plus, the recent release of the Cyberstorm Access Booster Set is certain to shake things up by adding new competitive contenders to the tournament scene. New Superheavy Samurai and Purrely cards in Cyberstorm Access may allow those two Decks to compete at the highest levels of competition this weekend, while powerful tech cards like Chaos Angel and Time-Tearing Morganite could make their way into a variety of Decks. Cards like Despian Luluwalith, Albion the Sanctifire Dragon, and Guiding Quem – the Virtuous give Duelists a new way to play Branded Decks, while other cards in Cyberstorm Access give a boost to other popular Decks like Swordsoul.

There’s a whopping 2269 Duelists competing this weekend at the start of Round 1, but only one of those Duelists will take home the trophy and the Ultra Rare Anotherverse Dragon prize card! It’s time to Duel!