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North America Remote Duel YCS: Top 32 Tech Update

June 25th, 2023

Duelists must keep up to date with the newest cards and strategies. Let’s take a look some trends of what our Top 32 Remote Duelists have been using to get an edge on the competition.

Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion

The most striking trend is the huge upsurge in the use of Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion in Side Decks. Almost every single player has 2-3 copies in the Side Deck. Much like Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Ghost Belle is a powerful tool to shut down a very wide range of strategies, like Branded or Tearlaments. However, it doesn’t do much to some of the most popular Decks like Kashtira, so Ghost Belle is relegated to the Side Deck to ensure it only comes in when useful.

Anti-Spell Fragrance

Another card popping up in a large of number of Side Decks is Anti-Spell Fragrance. Anti-Spell inevitably starts showing up as soon as any Spell Card focused Decks become popular – this time, it’s to slow down Purrely. It’s also great against Decks like Sky Strikers or Floowandereeze, or anything with a heavy focus on Fusion Summons.

Kurikara Divincarnate

With the ability to not only remove a bunch of problem monsters, but also potentially win the game off the massive ATK boost it gets, Kurikara Divincarnate is an incredible force to reckon with. It’s typically being played in Side Decks even though it’s powerful in most matchups, because it’s primarily a card you want when going second.

Book of Moon and Book of Eclipse

These cards continue to be popular after their surge in usage over the last few months. Nothing fancy here; they’re just clean, simple cards that have a variety of uses. From blocking an Extra Deck Summon, to turning off key monster effects, to winning in battle against a weaker DEF stat, the versatility keeps Duelists coming back to these old standbys. Being Quick-Play Spells means they’re also flexible enough to use going first or second.

Offerings to the Doomed

Alright, it’s not much of a “tech update” card if only one Duelist is using it. But Jordan Farris has three copies of Offerings to the Doomed in his Floowandereeze Deck and we’re talking about it. Offerings serves some similar roles to Book of Moon, acting as a surprise disruption while being useful going first or second. A classic trick is to use multiple copies of Offerings in a turn. Then when it comes back to your turn, the skipped Draw Phases from each Offerings will all be counted at once, so it’s like you got them at a discount. Although the downside is bigger than Book of Moon, destroying a monster is typically better than flipping it face-down, and Offerings also doesn’t interfere with your own field like Book of Eclipse. With 3 Offerings and 3 Book of Moon, Farris can back up Floowandereeze & Empen and Mist Valley Apex Avian to keep his opponent off balance.