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Top 32 Feature Match: Erkam Yilmaz vs. Joseph Dietrich

June 25th, 2023

The spread of Decks in the Top 32 is wild this weekend, here at the North America Remote Duel YCS! While 2023 standbys like Kashtira, Branded, Superheavy, and Labrynth are all still represented, Bystial Dragon Link is back in a big way, Fur Hire engines are fueling Spright strategies, and Vanquish Soul is still in action, right here in the Top 32.

Erkam Yilmaz is in fact the last surviving Vanquish Soul Duelist in the tournament, and this round he’ll go up against Joseph Dietrich, a veteran Duelist piloting Melffy Spright. While Vanquish Soul’s done extremely well in recent Regional Qualifiers, we could see the Deck disappear from this tournament entirely just minutes from now, if it falls to the much more familiar Spright build. Which strategy will move on to the Top 16? We’re gonna find out, because Day 2 is kicking off and it’s time to Duel!

Dietrich opened the Match Special Summoning Kashtira Fenrir, and Normal Summoned Nimble Beaver to activate its effect, Special Summoning Nimble Angler from his Deck. He took a moment to consider his path forward, then Xyz Summoned Gigantic Spright with his two Nimble monsters as material. He use its effect to Special Summon Knightmare Corruptor Iblee from his Deck, and Linked it off with Gigantic Spright for Spright Sprind. He made Sprind Chain Link 1, and Iblee Chain Link 2, sending Iblee to the center Monster Zone on his opponent’s Field. Sprind resolved to send Spright Carrot to the Graveyard. Dietrich activated Fenrir’s effect to search his Deck for another Fenrir and passed.

Yilmaz moved to his Main Phase, checked the stats on Iblee (0 ATK and 0 DEF), and switched it to Attack Position. He moved to Battle, slammed Iblee into Sprind to destroy Iblee, took 1400 damage, and activated Evenly Matched! Dietrich banished Sprind. In Main Phase 2 he activated “Infernoble Arms – Durendal” on Fenrir, destroying the Noble Arms and searching Vanquish Soul Razen. He took a moment to think, then Special Summoned a Fenrir of his own, and searched his Deck for another copy. “Four cards in hand…” Yilmaz Summoned the Razen, searching Vanquish Soul Heavy Borger. Dietrich used his Fenrir’s effect to target Yilmaz’s Fenrir and banished it. 

Yilmaz activated Stake your Soul! revealing Heavy Borger, and searched his Deck for Vanquish Soul Dr. Mad Love. He used its effect to search Vanquish Soul Dust Devil, then Linked off Razen for Rock of the Vanquisher. He activated Borger in hand, targeting Vanquish Soul Dr. Mad Love to swap it onto the field, and revealed to draw a card with Borger’s effect. He Set a card to his back row, then another to finish out.

Dietrich started his turn by searching another Fenrir with his on-field copy. He activated Water Enchantress of the Temple to search for Rite of Aramesir, activated it, Special Summoned his Adventurer Token, and placed Fateful Adventure in his Spell and Trap Card Zone from his Deck. He equipped his Adventurer Token with Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon from hand, and Yilmaz activated Vanquish Soul – Continue? getting his Vanquish Soul Razen. He Special Summoned it in the same column as the Adventurer Token. Yilmaz used its effect to search Vanquish Soul Caesar Valius, and Dietrich used his Fenrir’s effect to target Yilmaz’s Borger. Yilmaz Chained its effect to reveal Mad Love and draw a card, and Borger was banished. “I’ll activate…hmmm…” Yilmaz used Razen’s effect to destroy the Adventurer Token, and Dietrich lost his Dracoback.

Dietrich activated Fateful Adventure’s search effect to get Wandering Gryphon Rider from his Deck. He discarded Nimble Angler to complete the resolution, triggering Angler’s effect, with a Beaver and an Angler in the Graveyard. Yilmaz considered a response, and the cards he knew Dietrich had in hand, as well as the possible impact of unknown cards like Spright Starter before letting the Angler resolve. That got Dietrich his two Beavers, and upon resolution Yilmaz used Rock of the Vanquisher to Summon Vanquish Soul Dr. Mad Love, then searched another Vanquish Soul – Continue? from his Deck. He activated Dust Devil on his Mad Love, and turned BOTH of Dietrich’s Beavers face-down! That could be huge in stopping Dietrich’s momentum this turn.

“Can I see your grave?” Dietrich took stock of the field, asked to check the stats on Yizmal’s 2 monsters, and turned Fenrir to attack. He tried to move to the Battle Phase, but before he could Yizmal swapped out Mad Love for Valius. Dietrich could do nothing but pass. In the End Phase, Yizmal revealed 3 cards for Valius’ effect and that was enough to draw the concession!

Valius clinches the win in Game 1!

Joseph Dietrich makes smart use of his Kashtira Fenrir effects, but a clutch Vanquish Soul Dust Devil for 2 cards seemingly catches him off guard, and Erkam Yilmaz takes the first Duel! Both competitors made swift work of their Side Decking before Game 2 kicked off, with 31 minutes left in the Round.

Dietrich started Game 2 with Pot of Prosperity, banishing 6 cards from his Extra Deck to reveal 6 off the top of his Main Deck and get Water Enchantress of the Temple. He activated its effect to search Rite of Aramesir, Special Summoned Kashtira Fenrir, activated Rite to Special Summon an Adventurer Token, and added Fateful Adventure to his back row. He used Fateful to add another Water Enchantress from his Deck to his hand, discarded “the Dracoback I drew for a second time…” and equipped it. He Special Summoned Wandering Gryphon Rider, used Fenrir to search another Fenrir, and had 2 more cards left in his hand.

Dietrich Special Summoned the second Water Enchantress, Normal Summoned Spright Blue, and Link Summoned Spright Sprind. He used it to send Nimble Angler to the Graveyard, Special Summoned two Nimble Beavers, and overlaid them for Gigantic Spright. He activated its effect to Special Summon Spright Jet, used that to search Spright Double Cross, and Set it to finish his turn.

Yilmaz was up, facing a pretty loaded board. “Big think here…”

“No worries.”

He confirmed Sprind’s effect, considered his hand, and started with Kashtira Fenrir. He Special Summoned it and Dietrich activated Double Cross to attach Yilmaz’s Fenrir as an Xyz Material. He Normal Summoned Vanquish Soul Dr. Mad Love and activated its effect to search, getting Vanquish Soul Dust Devil. He activated it, targeting Mad Love, and turned Dietrich’s Gryphon Rider face-down. He swapped Mad Love out for Vanquish Soul Heavy Borger, but upon resolution Dietrich blasted it with Fenrir. Yizmal Chained the effect to draw and lost his Mad Love. He activated Triple Tactics Talent, taking the Gigantic Spright

“Uhhh…” Yizmal had another think, confirmed the 2 materials on Gigantic Spright and went into his Battle Phase. With Gigantic at 1600 ATK he ran it over Spright Sprind, destroying it for 200 damage. In Main Phase 2 he used Gigantic Spright to Summon Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder! He detached everything but the Fenrir and wiped the field! That ended Yizmal’s turn.

Dietrich drew for his turn and looked through his Extra Deck. “Biiig think here…How many cards do you have in hand? Four or five?”

“Four,” confirmed Yizmal.

“Great, thank you.” He activated Water Enchantress from the Graveyard, banishing it to get a Rite. He asked how much time was left in the Match – 14 minutes – and continued on. He Special Summoned Fenrir, searched another copy, and activated Rite to Special Summon a Token. He Normal Summoned Melffy Pinny! Dietrich entered Battle, attacked with Fenrir, banished Zeus, then made a direct attack with Fenrir, the Adventurer Token, and the Melffy Pinny to drop Yizmal to 3300 Life Points. 

He moved to Main Phase 2, Linked Fenrir and his Token for Aussa the Earth Charmer, Immovable, and used it to take Yizmal’s Fenrir. He then overlaid Aussa and Pinny for another Gigantic Spright, used it to Special Summon Spright Blue, searched Spright Jet. He Special Summoned that and used it to go get Spright Starter. He overlaid both Sprights for Number 2: Ninja Shadow Mosquito and activated Starter to Special Summon Spright Red to end.

Yizmal activated Dark Ruler No More! He Special Summoned a Fenrir, Summoned a Mad Love, used its effect and searched… nothing, because he had nothing left to search. Yizmal moved on, searching with Fenrir to get Kashtira Riseheart, then Special Summoned it. He overlaid Mad Love and Riseheart to Xyz Summon Zoodiac Chakanine and then Zoodiac Boarbow. He moved to Battle, attacked Spright Red with Fenrir, activated its effect, and banished Gigantic Spright. He re-declared his attack, and destroyed Spright Red. Boarbow hit with a direct attack and Yizmal used his second Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder! He placed it over the Boarbow and passed!

“You play TWO?” Dietrich reeled a moment, then drew and moved to his Main Phase. He took some time to read his Ninja Shadow Mosquito turned it to attack mode, turned Fenrir to attack as well, and moved to Battle. Once in the Battle Phase Yizmal popped the field with Zeus’ effect. Dietrich Special Summoned Fenrir in defense and ended.

The Duel stood at 6600 Life Points to 3300 with Dietrich leading and 3 minutes left in the Round. Yizmal shifted Zeus to attack mode, Tributed away Fenrir with Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju, and when Yizmal played Durendal to try and search, Dietrich had Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to stop it! “That’s pretty good… uhhh…” Yizmal considered his moves and then quickly passed.

Dietrich checked the stats on his Dogoran, entered Battle, forced Zeus’ effect, Setting a monster to end his turn.

Yizmal attack into Carrot, set 2 cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone and passed.

Dietrich Set a monster.

Yizmal attacked it, Water Enchantress, and passed.

Dietrich used the the Water Enchantress to get Rite of Aramesir from his Graveyard, activated it, Special Summoned his Token in defense and Set a monster.

Yizmal activated Vanquish Soul – Continue? paid 500, Special Summoned Mad Love, attacked the Set monster with Mad Love, attacked the Token and passed.

Dietrich drew for turn, activated Spright Starter, lost to Ash and passed.

Yizmal Summoned Borger, then Mad Love, and swung with all 3 monsters for game!

Vanquish Soul moves on to the Top 16!

Both Duelists play swiftly to avoid ending the Match in time, but in the end it’s Erkam Yizmal who takes the second Duel, and the Match! Joseph Dietrich gives the fight of his life, but Yizmal moves on to the Top 16.