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Top 4 Feature Match: Liam Mac Oscair vs. Chris LeBlanc

June 25th, 2023

The Top 4 Matches of a YCS main event are always some of the most intense and demanding, because so much is on the line: the winner here locks in their copy of the YCS Prize Card Anotherverse Dragon, with a shot at the Ultra Rare serialized winner’s copy. But the other Duelist will have to duke it out for 3rd Place if they want to take home a Prize Card of their own, so the pressure is on. This match pitted Liam Mac Oscair and his Mathmech @Ignister Deck against Chris LeBlanc’s Purrely’s.

It’s time to Duel. 

LeBlanced Normal Summoned Purrely, getting Purrely Happy Memory. He activated Stray Purrely Street, activated the Happy Memory, targeted Street, and pitched Triple Tactics Talent to Special Summon Purrelyly. He searched My Friend Purrely, activated it, paid 500 Life Points and revealed 3 cards from his Deck: Purrely Delicious Memory and 2 copies of Purrelyeap!? He took 1 of the cards at random and shuffled the rest back. LeBlanc brought out Epurrely Happiness with Purrelyly, activated Purrely Sleepy Memory and the effect of Happiness, attaching it, and then Set 1 card to his Spell and Trap Zone. In the End Phase he used Street to attach another Sleepy Memory from his Deck to Happiness. 

Mac Oscair drew for his turn, and LeBlanc drew 2 cards with with Happiness, courtesy of Sleepy Memories. He activated Purrelyeap!?, to turn Happiness into Expurrely Noir, and drew 2 more cards with the Sleepy Memories. Mac Oscair Normal Summoned Firewall Defenser, and when LeBlanc targeted it with Noir’s effect to send it to the bottom of the Deck, Mac Oscair scooped then and there.

Chris LeBlanc locks the Duel with Expurrely Noir

Chris LeBlanc hits a big opening with double Sleepy Memory for 4 draws, and Liam Mac Oscair sees no need to continue with the first Duel. He’d now have to win 2 games back-to-back to make it to the Finals.

Mac Oscair opened with Small World, showing Gatchiri @Ignister in his hand, revealing Effect Veiler from his Deck, and banishing to get Mathmech Circular to his hand. He activated Circular’s effect to send Mathmech Sigma to the Graveyard, activated its effect, and activated Circular to search Mathmech Superfactorial. He overlaid for Primathmech Alembertian, detached Sigma, and activated Alembertian’s effect to search his Deck for Mathmech Subtraction. Mac Oscair Normal Summoned Achichi @Ignisterto search Pikari @Ignister, Summoned Dark Infant @Ignister, and searched out Ignister A.I.Land. He cleared his field next to Link Summon Cyberse Witch, and used A.I.Land’s effect to Special Summon Pikari. He made a Chain with the Witch’s effect as Chain Link 1, and Pikari as Chain Link 2. 

Mac Oscair searched A.I.dle RebornCyberse Sage, and Cynet Ritual. He used Cyberse Witch’s effect to revive Achichi, then Link Summoned Cyberse Wicckid. He activated Cynet Ritual, gave up Pikari, brought out Sage, and used Wicckid’s effect to banish Dark Infant and search Bururu @Ignister. He used Sage’s effect to Fusion Summon, banishing Pikari and Cyberse Witch, for Cyberse Desavewurm. He Summoned Bururu with Desavewurm and used Bururu’s effect to load Doyon @Ignister to the Graveyard. 

Mac Oscair Linked for Splash Mage, brought back Doyon, and Linked it to Bururu for Wind Pegasus @Ignister. He brought back Doyon, got back Achichi to his hand, Linked Splash Mage and Doyon and Link Summoned Transcode Talker. He brought back Splash Mage. Then he Linked all four of his monsters for The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister! He played A.I.dle Reborn to bring back Doyon, used Mathmech Subtraction targeting Doyon, and Link Summoned G Golem Crystal Heart. That let him Special Summon Transcode Talker, which he Linked to Crystal Heart for Decode Talker Heatsoul. He Set 3 cards to his backrow and ended.

LeBlanc was up. In the Standby Phase Mac Oscair used Heatsoul’s effect, dropping to 6000 Life Points to draw. LeBlanc activated Triple Tactics Thrust, searched his Deck for Harpie’s Feather Duster, and Mac Oscair used Reborn to Special Summon back Bururu. He used its effect to Send Danmari @Ignister to the Graveyard. LeBlanc activated Feather Duster and Mac Oscair negated it with Danmari. LeBlanc activated Triple Tactics Talent to draw 2 cards, and Mac Oscair negated it with Desavewurm. LeBlanc Summoned Purrelyly, searched his Deck for Stray Purrely Street, and when he activated it Mac Oscair responded with Mathmech Superfactorial! That was all LeBlanc needed to see, immediately conceding.

Mac Oscar battles back to even up the Match score, thanks to Superfactorial!

This was it: the winner here would lock in their copy of Anotherverse Dragon and move onto the Finals, while the defeated Duelist would have to compete for 3rd Place to try and win theirs. The pressure was on.

LeBlanc opened with Purrely Pretty Memory. He discarded Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to Special Summon Purrelyly, and Mac Oscair blasted it with Ghost Mourner & Moonlit Chill. LeBlanc had nothing else and passed.

Mac Oscair Normal Summon Pikari @Ignister. He Summoned Dark Infant @Ignister and searched his Deck for A.I.Land. He attacked with Dark Infant over Purrelyly, and Summoned Danmari @Ignister, to attack over the cat.  He Linked both monsters in Main Phase 2 for Splash Mage, targeted Danmari, and LeBlanc responded with Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion

Liam Mac Oscar takes Game 3!

Play was back to LeBlanc. He Normal Summoned Purrely, and Mac Oscair blasted it with Effect Veiler! LeBlanc conceded immediately! Mac Oscair is taking Mathmech @Ignisters to the Finals of the Remote Duel YCS!