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North America WCQ Top Cut Prizes!

July 9th, 2023

Yesterday, we saw the prizes given to all participating Duelists in the Main Event of the North America World Championship Qualifier, which were also given to the Dragon Duelists who are participating in their own Championship as well. Here are what the final Duelists are battling for today!

Every Duelist in Top 64 will receive this Evenly Matched Top Cut Game Mat, showcasing the art of one of the most powerful Trap Cards of all time, and an extremely popular card this weekend.

All Top 64 Duelists receive this Game Mat

Each Duelist who finishes in the Quarter Finals or better receives an incredible trophy, featuring the Millennium Rod on a glowing stand, with the trophy becoming grander as the standing of the Duelist increases, the same goes for the Dragon Duelists, except theirs has the Dragon Duel logo on it!

Main Event Trophies
Dragon Duelist Trophies

Here’s a closer look at the Trophy awarded to the eventual Champion, as well as the Super Rare copy of Anotherverse Dragon all Top 32 Duelists receive. As you can see, the detailing on the Millennium Rod in the globe at the top is immaculate, with each Trophy being colored as well with a baselight that is truly breathtaking!

Top 8 Duelists and above will also receive Booster Packs, Nintendo Switches, complete sets, and more! There are a ton of amazing prizes on the line, on top of the title of North America WCQ Champion.