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Structure Deck: Beware of Traptrix Game Mat

July 29th, 2023

It may be an online event, but the Remote Duel Extravaganza still has some of your favorite Public Events, including Structure Deck tournaments! Check out the game mat you can win in the Structure Deck: Beware of Traptrix tournament!

Structure Decks are one of the easiest Public Events to get into. Everyone plays using the same Structure Deck! There’s no need to worry about building something special for the event, and you won’t even need to read too many cards since you’re playing the same ones. For in-person events, the Decks are part of your entry and supplied right there, so you can really just show up and play. For Remote Duels, you’ll need to have your own Structure Deck ready.

If you’ve got a copy of Structure Deck: Beware of Traptrix, give this event a try and get that game mat!