The Return of the MEGA DUEL!

July 7th, 2023

MEGA DUEL is the side event where Duelists can battle it out using enormous cards! This iteration of MEGA DUEL is Speed Duel style, with Decks based on Yugi and Kaiba’s classic cards! Here’s a look at a few MEGA Duelists!

Let’s check out a MEGA DUEL!

Deciding who will take the first turn. Look at how huge that battlefield is!

A look at our first Duel’s opening hands:

Blue Dragon Summoner, Riryoku, Lightforce Sword, and Magician’s Circle.
Cost Down, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Tyrant Dragon, and Luster Dragon #2.
Lightforce Sword to hit the opponent’s key card, Cost Down!
Riryoku to power up Rogue Doll, thus allowing the activation of Magician’s Circle! This play sealed the deal for this Duel!

And here’s one more Duel, between father and son!

Starting with Legion the Fiend Jester.
Flipping a Magic Jammer that’s almost as big as him!
Just need a monster to defend…
Legion searched out Rogue Doll, and Riryoku led the way to victory!

MEGA DUEL is an awesome way to experience Dueling, and it can only be found at events like this!