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Check Out The Prizes in ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!

September 9th, 2023

When it comes to Public Events, ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! and Speed Duel ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! are two of the most popular events at big tournament weekends, each offering the biggest prizes. Literally!

There are two ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! tournaments each day at a YCS: one for Speed Duel and one for Advanced Format. When a Duelist wins on Saturday, they get their choice of which Giant Card they’d like to receive. The other is saved for the winner on Sunday. Check out the Giant Cards that are available as prizes this weekend here at YCS Vancouver:

Ursarctic Polar Star

From Duelist Nexus and Legendary Duelists: Soulburning Volcano come the first two Giant Cards – Ursarctic Polar Star and Volcanic Emperor. One’s hot and one’s cold, but both are absolutely giant!

Volcanic Emperor

For the Speed Duelists in the room, the two Giant Cards are…

Evil HERO Malicious Fiend

Both cards from Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows, Evil HERO Malicious Fiend and Legendary Jujitsu Master are the Giant Card prizes for Speed Duelists when they take part in their own ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! tournament!

Legendary Jujitsu Master

As with every ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! event, there are also oversized versions of these cards available as prizes for the Duelists that finish 2nd and 3rd for each event. The holographic Giant Cards though, are only available for the 1st Place winners!