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QQ: The Biggest Cards of the Weekend?

September 9th, 2023

QQ stands for Quick Questions! With so many new tournament trends in recent weeks, we asked Duelists which cards they’re going to keep an eye out for in the Main Event this weekend. Here’s what they had to say.

Kashtira Arise-Heart, because it’s a difficult monster for my Deck to deal with.” – Taylor Larsen

“Dimension Shifter, I need to be able to use my Graveyard!” – Nathan Silva

“Oddly enough, for me it’s Expurrely Noir, since my Deck has a really difficult time outing that card. I really hope that I don’t have to play against it.” – Andrew Yee

Nibiru the Primal Being. There’s a lot of players that still don’t respect the card, but it’ll crush you if you overextend and don’t have a back-up plan.” – Marcus Siu”

“I think it’s Crimson Dragon because it can bring out Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity.” – Angela Nguyen

Evenly Matched is underrated right now. Every time someone resolves it, it’s such a big swing in control over the game. Decks that can play around it by not committing as much to the field are really strong.” – Jacob Siego

With so many different Decks this format, there are a lot of different cards that players can tech into their Decks to find an advantage. Each Duelist will add certain cards that they feel will give them a competitive edge. We’ll have to wait and see which ones prove to be the biggest this weekend, here at YCS Vancouver!