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QQ: Time Wizard April 2010 Format Favourites!

September 10th, 2023

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Here at YCS Vancouver, one of the most popular Public Events is the Time Wizard April 2010 Advanced Format tournament. This Format was used at the 75th YCS in Edison, New Jersey, and it’s become a very popular Time Wizard Public Event that tons of players have chosen to participate in this weekend.

With the original events having taken place over a decade ago, there are many iconic cards that don’t see play in 2023, but used to wreak havoc back in April 2010! This weekend, we asked some Duelists participating in the Time Wizard Public Events about their favourite cards to use in that particular format. It’s always interesting to hear from Duelists today, looking back on older formats. Here’s what they had to say…

Dark Armed Dragon – it’s an amazing monster that can completely turn the game around when summoned.” – Andrew Yee

“I’m a degenerate, but it has to be Royal Oppression – it’s so difficult to play against, and I almost always win whenever I have it.” – Daniel Ramirez

Icarus Attack, because it’s the best Trap Card in Blackwings, and Blackwings are my favourite deck.” – Vincent Plana

D.D. Crow, but that’s my favourite card regardless of what format I’m playing.” – Kendall Fear

“Mine is a tie between Dark Armed Dragon & Heavy Storm, which I think are two of the most skillful cards in the format.” – Jacob Burke

The April 2010 Time Wizard era’s a nostalgic format for a lot of players, and a great opportunity to use some iconic cards from the game’s history. Best of luck to all of the Duelists participating in the Time Wizard Public Events this weekend, here at YCS Vancouver!