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QQ: What Deck Are You Hoping to Avoid?

September 9th, 2023

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Tensions are always high before the tournament begins. Everyone’s registered and submitted their Decklists, and now all they can do is wait until Round 1 begins. These Duelists have a lot of aspirations for the weekend, but they also have a few things to dread. We asked them which Decks they’re trying to steer clear of, and this is what they had to say…

“Floowandereeze. The cards are really good at dodging interruptions. The power it has Turn 1 is underrated and can snowball way too quickly.” – John Wilkin

“Kashtira, I have a very poor track record versus them.” – Aaron McInnes

“Floowandereeze. It interacts really poorly with the deck I chose this weekend. My bosses don’t work and they can out-grind me.” – Matthew Vanden Heuvel

“Unchained. It’s a long, drawn-out game that requires too many brain cells.” – Erkam Yilmaz

“Any deck with Dimension Shifter!” – Andrew Do

While popular strategies like Kashtira and Unchained dominate, Floowandereeze seems to be the common threat here that Duelists are hoping to dodge. Even though the strategy hasn’t been popular in recent tournaments, it still strikes fear into the hearts of many competitors! They’ll find out if their wishes will be granted as Round 1 is moments away. It’s time to Duel!