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Round 9 Feature Match: Pakawat Pamornsut Versus David Bui

September 10th, 2023

A whole day of intense competition has already passed! Duelists have had time to relax, get some food and rest up, but for those still remaining in the Main Event, the job isn’t done just yet. Day 2 is here at YCS Vancouver and there are still 2 Swiss Rounds to be played before the cut to the Top 32. Competitors want to make sure they’re warmed up and game-ready.

The 2 Duelists in our first Feature Match today are no strangers to this stage; Pakawat “Pal” Pamornsut and David Bui are both veterans of Championship-level Dueling. But with 2 losses each, this Duel will decide who stays alive in the tournament, and who’s headed to Public Events for the afternoon. Still, both contenders were bringing all the enthusiasm and sportsmanship that had carried them this far!

Both competitors are excited about their match!

Bui won the roll and elected to start, but he passed with no plays.

Pamornsut opened with Abomination’s Prison, Nibiru, the Primal Being, Fiendish Rhino Warrior, Triple Tactics Talents, Dark Contract with the Gate, and Unchained Soul of Sharvara. In the Draw Phase, Bui Activated Dimension Shifter. Pamornsut used Dark Contract to add D/D/D Vice King Requiem to his hand. He placed Vice King into the Pendulum Scale to activate its effect to Special Summon itself and immediately used it to Xyz Summon D/D/D Deviser King Deus Machinex. Next he Set Prison, activated Sharvara’s effect to destroy the Prison, and made his Special Summon.

The Prison’s effect triggered to Special Summon from the Deck, but Bui met it with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Next, Pamornsut used Tactics to draw 2 cards, getting another Contract and a Nibiru. He entered the Battle Phase and left Bui at 3000 Life Points. He Normal Summoned Fiendish Rhino Warrior in Main Phase 2, and Linked away Sharvara to Link Summon Unchained Soul Lord of Yama. Pamornsut used Machinex to Xyz Summon Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder before the turn ended.

Bui Set 1 card to his back row and passed, but Pamornsut activated Zeus’ effect and Bui conceded!

An unfortunate game for Bui!

Bui headed into the second Duel, activating the effect of Dimension Shifter and then playing Pot of Prosperity for 6, revealing another Shifter, Infinite Impermanence, Kashtiratheosis, Terraforming, Crossout Designator, and another Prosperity. He took the Terraforming and activated it to search Pressured Planet Wraitsoth. Bui used it to get Kashtira Unicorn. He activated its effect to add Kashtiratheosis to his hand, which let him Special Summon Kashtira Fenrir. Bui activated Fenrir’s effect to get Kashtira Riseheart to his hand. He overlaid Fenrir and Unicorn to Xyz Summon Kashtira Shangra-Ira before Special Summoning Riseheart. He used Riseheart to banish Kashtira Big Bang, triggering Shangra-Ira to lock a zone. Bui then used Riseheart to Xyz Summon Kashtira Arise-Heart. He tried to end the Main Phase after Setting a card to his back row, but Pamornsut wiped the field with Nibiru, the Primal Being!

Pamornsut opened with 2 Book of Eclipse, an Abominable Unchained Soul, Pot of Prosperity, and Triple Tactics Talents. Pamornsut led with Prosperity for 3 and took Tour Guide From The Underworld. He then Normal Summoned Tour Guide and used its effect, but Bui shut it down with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Pamornsut used Tactics to take Unicorn from Bui’s hand, leaving him with just a Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion. Pamornsut Set a card to his back row before passing the turn so Shifter’s effect could expire.

Bui went straight into the Battle Phase and attacked over Tour Guide. In the Damage Step, Pamornsut used the effect of Abominable to Special Summon it, discarding Eclipse to destroy Bui’s Set Forbidden Lance. Bui Set 1 more card before ending his turn.

Pamornsut drew Unchained Soul of Disaster for his turn and considered his options before passing back.

Bui attacked with the Primal Being Token over Abominable. Since it was destroyed that turn, Pamornsut Special Summoned Abominable in the End Phase and discarded his Disaster to destroy Bui’s Set Book of Moon.

Pamornsut drew Unchained Soul of Sharvara and used Nibiru to Tribute Summon it. He Link Summoned Unchained Soul Lord of Yama using both his monsters and triggered the effects of both Yama and Sharvara. Yama got him Unchained Twins –  Aruha and Sharvara Set Escape of the Unchained. Pamornsut used Aruha to destroy the Set Escape and Special Summoned it; Escapes’ effect Special Summoned Unchained Soul of Shyama. Pamornsut activated Shyama’s ability to destroy Aruha, which then triggered to Special Summon Unchained Twins – Rakea. He Linked Shyama and Yama to Link Summon Unchained Soul of Anguish. Pamornsut activated the effect of Anguish to target the Token and Link Summon Unchained Abomination with it.

Pamornsut entered the Battle Phase and swung with both monsters. They might not have been enough on their own, but Pamornsut used Rakea to destroy his set Book of Eclipse while still in the Battle Phase! After Eclipse was destroyed, he triggered Abomination’s effect and destroyed Rakea. Pamornsut made Rakea Chain Link 1  and Yama Chain Link 2. Yama Special Summoned Anguish from his Graveyard and Rakea Special Summoned Aruha from his Deck. Pamornsut declared an attack with his freshly summoned monsters and it was more than enough to wipe out the remainder of Bui’s Life Points!

Slow and steady wins the race!

With some calculation, patience, and a little bit of luck, Pakawat Pamornsut keeps his life in the tournament intact and moves on with a 7-2 record!