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TEAM YCS Sao Paulo: Top 4 Pairings

September 3rd, 2023

Here are the pairings for Top 4:

TableDuelist 1 Name and CountryDuelist 1 Deck Typevs.Duelist 2 Name and CountryDuelist 2 Deck Type
Construindo Personagemvs.Pinguiranos by Trendy
1Denis NM Nadas (United States)Kashtiravs.Jose Carlo Carrillo Toscano (Mexico)Purrely
2Patrick Jefferson Hoban (United States)Unchainedvs.Cesar Alberto Salinas Magana (Mexico)Vanquish Soul
3Grabiel Jose FL Molina (United States)Unchainedvs.Victor Eduardo Figueroa Sanchez (Mexico)Labrynth
Better Have Itvs.Breaking Bad Boards
4Ruben Andres Penaranda (United States)Bystial Dragon Linkvs.Cristian Rafael Urena (United States)Unchained
5Kamal Derrick El Crooks-Valdez (United States)Purrelyvs.Walter CA Jule (United States)Unchained
6Pakawat Thomas Pamornsut (United States)Unchainedvs.Jesse Dean Kotton (Canada)Unchained