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Top 8 Feature Match: Christopher LeBlanc Versus Bestoor Sedghi

September 10th, 2023

We are in the Top 8 here at YCS Vancouver! We have Bestoor Sedghi from Toronto, ON going up against 5-time YCS Champion Christopher LeBlanc from Waltham, MA. Sedghi is using an Infernoble Knight Deck, while LeBlanc is running Purrely.

Sedghi’s Infernoble Knight Deck got a huge boost with all of the awesome new cards in Duelist Nexus and his deck is filled with Quarter Century Secret Rares of each! LeBlanc’s Deck is Purrely, which is built on Special Summoning powerful Xyz Monsters like Expurrely Noir. LeBlanc is trying this weekend to get his 6th YCS win, so the stakes are high here in Top 8 at YCS Vancouver!

Duel 1

Sedghi won the die roll and opted to start off the Match. He opened 2 copies of “Infernoble Arms – Durendal”, Book of Eclipse, Book of Moon, and Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade. He Set 2 cards and ended his turn.

LeBlanc drew, then Normal Summoned Purrelyly, activating its effect to add My Friend Purrely to his hand. LeBlanc looked at his hand for a moment before activating Purrely Delicious Memory, discarding Purrelyly to Special Summon Purrely. He activated Purrely’s effect, excavating Purrely, Book of Eclipse, and Pot of Prosperity. He activated My Friend Purrely and paid 500 LP to reveal 3 copies of Purrely Happy Memory and add 1 to his hand.

Christopher LeBlanc

LeBlanc activated the effect of Purrelyly to try to Xyz Summon but was stopped by Book Of Moon! Purrely activated its effect and Xyz Summoned Epurrely Happiness using Happy Memory as a Material. LeBlanc had Epurrely Happiness attack directly and then activated its effect to add Purrely Pretty Memory to his hand. He activated Pretty Memory and Sedghi Chained Book of Eclipse to stop the Xyz Summon. Both players gained 1000 LP, LeBlanc Set 2 cards face-down, and then he drew 2 cards from the effect of Book of Eclipse.

Sedghi drew Infernoble Knight Ogier and Normal Summoned it. He activated Ogier’s effect but had to deal with LeBlanc activating Book of Moon, which let LeBlanc flip Ogier face-down. Sedghi sent Infernoble Knight Turpin to the Graveyard. He activated one of his “Infernoble Arms – Durendal”, equipping it to Purrelyly. Sedghi tried to use Durendal’s effect to get a monster from his Deck, but was stopped by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring! Not having any more plays, he conceded.

LeBlanc takes the first Duel!

LeBlanc takes the first Duel of the Match as both Duelists had tons of interruptions for each other!

Duel 2

Sedghi opted to start off Duel 2, hoping for a better hand. He opened Neo Space Connector, Infernoble Knight – Renaud, Book of Eclipse, Triple Tactics Thrust, and Heritage of the Chalice

Sedghi started off by Normal Summoning Neo Space Connector and using its effect to Special Summon Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin. He activated Aqua Dolphin’s effect, discarding Book of Eclipse to look at LeBlanc’s hand. LeBlanc had no monsters! He Link Summoned Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights using his 2 Neo Space Monsters. Sedghi activated Isolde’s effect and added a second copy of Neo Space Connector to his hand. Isolde’s second effect activated by sending 4 Equip Spells to the Graveyard, but it was negated by LeBlanc’s Infinite Impermanence

Sedghi didn’t stop there and activated Heritage of the Chalice, adding Noble Arms Museum to his hand. He activated the effect of his Museum, paying 1200 LP to add “Infernoble Arms – Durendal” to his hand. He activated Durendal and equipped it to Isolde, using the effect to get a copy of Infernoble Knight Turpin. Sedghi Banished Aqua Dolphin and Connector from his Graveyard to add Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade back to his hand. He activated Phoenix Blade and equipped it to Isolde. He then activated Turpin’s effect in his hand and Special Summoned it in Defense Position.

Bestoor Sedghi

Then, since Sedghi had a FIRE Warrior monster, he was able to Special Summon Infernoble Knight – Renaud from his hand. Renaud’s effect let Sedghi add back D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation, then he Synchro Summoned Angelica, Princess of Noble Arms with Turpin and Renaud. He activated Angelica’s effect to add another copy of Noble Arms Museum to his hand. 

Sedghi activated Turpin’s effect to equip it to Angelica, then Chained Angelica’s effect to send Immortal Phoenix Gearfried to the Graveyard and then banish Angelica and Special Summon Infernoble Knight Captain Roland. He activated D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation, discarding Neo Space Connector to Special Summon his banished Angelica, Princess of Noble Arms. He Synchro Summoned Baronne de Fleur using Angelica and Captain Roland. 

Sedghi then activated his second copy of Noble Arms Museum and paid another 1200 LP to add “Infernoble Arms – Almace” to his hand. He Equipped Almace to his Isolde, he activated Almace’s effect to swap it out for “Infernoble Arms – Joyeuse”, then used Joyeuse’s effect to add Immortal Phoenix Gearfried back to his hand! Sedghi then Special Summoned Immortal Phoenix Gearfried by banishing Joyeuse. He activated Captain Roland’s effect in the Graveyard, which became an Equip Spell equipped to Immortal Phoenix Gearfried. He ended his turn.

An impressive endboard from Sedghi!

LeBlanc drew for the start of his turn and looked at all of his options. He went to the Main Phase and activated Lightning Storm! Since he was attempting to destroy all Attack Position monsters, Sedghi negated it with the effect of Baronne de Fleur. LeBlanc activated My Friend Purrely and paid 500 LP to reveal 3 copies of Purrely Happy Memory from his Deck and add 1 of them to his hand. He then activated a Happy Memory. He discarded Purrelyeap!? and Special Summoned Purrely. He used Purrely’s effect but the excavation wasn’t successful. 

He linked his Purrely away for Relinquished Anima and tried to activate its effect to absorb Immortal Phoenix Gearfried, but its effect was negated by Immortal Phoenix. He activated Purrely Sleepy Memory for Purrelyly and activated Purrelyly’s effect to add Stray Purrely Street to his hand.

LeBlanc activated Purrelyly’s effect to Xyz Summon Epurrely Happiness and attacked Isolde. He then searched out Delicious Memory and attacked Baronne, activated Happiness’s effect to attach another copy of Happy Memory, and halved the Attack Points of Baronne. He continued his attacks into Baronne de Fleur over and over again until it was enough to wipe out Sedghi’s Life Points!

LeBlanc is going to Top 4!

LeBlanc moves on to the Top 4 here at YCS Vancouver with his Purrely deck!