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YCS Vancouver: Deck Type Breakdown for Top 16!

September 10th, 2023

The Top 32 playoff round has concluded and half of the competition has been wiped out! Just 16 Duelists remain. Picking the right strategy is always a key factor in ensuring victory at any YCS. Let’s take a look at what Decks have made it into the Top 16!

Unchained is still leading the charge with 5 of the Top 16 competitors utilizing the newest cards from Duelist Nexus. Trailing behind that with 2 competitors each we have Kashtira, Purrely, and Bystial Dragon Link. All three of those Decks have seen their fair share of success in the last few months of Dueling. 

Infernoble, Adventure Kashtira, Rescue-ACE, Spright, and Labrynth each have 1 lone Duelist piloting those strategies. With so many different types of Decks in the Top 16, it really is up in the air on what will win!