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Check Out the New Rivalry of Warlords Game Mat!

October 22nd, 2023

A new Game Mat is available for the popular Rivalry of Warlords Public Events! This Game Mat features the artwork on Libromancer Origin Story.

Libromancers are one of the many Decks that you may use in the Rivalry of Warlords Public Event. In this event, Duelists are randomly given one of several pre-built Decks to use in the tournament, each featuring a different archetype. All competitors also receive a short guide explaining how the Deck they received works, in case they’re unfamiliar with the theme. Lots of Duelists enjoy the Rivalry of Warlords Public Events because it allows them to borrow and use a Deck that they ordinarily aren’t familiar with using, giving them a completely new Dueling experience.

YCS Indianapolis is the first YCS in the United States at which this new Game Mat is available.