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Giant Cards at YCS Indianapolis

October 21st, 2023

A new YCS means NEW GIANT CARDS for Public Events Duelists!

One of the biggest attractions every event is ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!, and there are some sweet new rewards for it! There’s GIANT versions of Dark Hole Dragon and Crimson Dragon! Plus, some slightly smaller versions for the runner-up Duelists.

Next is my personal favorite prize of this weekend. For the Ultimate Time Wizard Tournament, we have a GIANT Rescue Cat! This event is using the April 2010 format, where Rescue Cat was quite the powerhouse with its pre-errata effect.

There are even more GIANT cards for Speed Duel! Here are the awesome oversized Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, Dark Paladin, and Macro Cosmos!

Good luck to the Duelists trying to take home one of these awesome giant cards!