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Round 10 Feature Match: Joshua Dickerson vs. Julian Harvey

October 22nd, 2023

Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Indianapolis! We’ve got Joshua Dickerson, from Indianapolis, and he’s the sole Gold Pride Duelist in Day 2! This archetype lives on the edge, paying lots of life for big benefits. He’s up against Julian Harvey, from Chicago, playing a Dark World Purrely Deck! It utilizes the discard effects of the Purrely Memory cards, along with Ken the Warrior Dragon and Gen the Diamond Tiger, to enable Dark World cards. Both of these Duelists have suffered two losses so far, so they’ll need to win this Match for a chance to make it to the Top 32.

Duel 1

Dickerson won the dice roll and played first, with a hand of 2 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring; Gold Pride – Captain Carrie; Nibiru, the Primal Being; and Gold Pride – Start Your Engines!. He Normal Summoned Captain Carrie, which added another Start Your Engines to his hand. He Set both copies of Start Your Engines.

Harvey started with Purrely Sleepy Memory in the Draw Phase, discarding Reign-Beaux, Overking of Dark World. He Special Summoned Purrely, then activated Reign-Beaux and Purrely. Dickerson flipped Start Your Engines to destroy Purrely. Harvey had Purrely Happy Memory to protect Purrely, and Dickerson negated Happy Memory with Ash Blossom! Start Your Engines revealed three copies of Gold Pride – Roller Baller, and one was Special Summoned. Purrely was destroyed, and Reign-Beaux added Sillva, Warlord of Dark World to Harvey’s hand. Finally, Purrely’s effect resolved and put another Happy Memory into Harvey’s hand. Then… we moved on to the Main Phase. Harvey played Triple Tactics Thrust to add Change of Heart to his hand! He played it to take Roller Baller, then played Purrely Pretty Memory, discarding Sillva. Both players gained 1000 Life Points, and he Special Summoned Purrelyly. Its effect added My Friend Purrely to his hand, and Sillva was Special Summoned. Harvey bounced Sillva to Special Summon Reign-Beaux. He played My Friend Purrely, paying 500 Life Points to reveal Purrely Delicious Memory, Stray Purrely Street, and another Pretty Memory, getting one of them in his hand at random. He then activated Delicious Memory, discarding Sillva and making it so Captain Carrie can’t be destroyed by battle this turn. He Special Summoned Purrely and Special Summoned Sillva. Purrely’s effect failed to get anything this time. Right now Dickerson decided was a good time to activate Nibiru, the Primal Being! All monsters were Tributed, and Harvey got a 8200/6700 Primal Being Token in Defense Position! Harvey played Triple Tactics Talent to draw two cards. He played Happy Memory, choosing My Friend to be protected, discarding another Happy Memory to Special Summon Purrelyly. Dickerson tried using his second Start Your Engines, and Harvey used his last card: Ash Blossom! Purrelyly stacked with Delicious Memory for Epurrely Plump! It attached Pretty Memory from the Graveyard, then used the Pretty Memory ability to gobble up Nibiru! That left Dickerson wide open to attack from the enormous Primal Being Token!

Duel 2

Dickerson went first again, this time starting with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Solemn Judgment, Droll & Lock Bird, Gold Pride – Leon, and Gold Pride – Better Luck Next Time!. He led with Better Luck Next Time, adding Captain Carrie to his hand and losing 900 Life Points. Harvey activated Droll & Lock Bird to shut down any further Deck searches. Dickerson Set Solemn Judgment and passed.

Harvey activated Pretty Memory in the Draw Phase, and Dickerson negated it with Ash Blossom. In the Main Phase, Harvey played My Friend Purrely, then Purrely Happy Memory to protect My Friend. He discarded a second My Friend to Special Summon Purrelyly. Purrelyly added Stray Purrely Street to his hand, and Dickerson used his own Droll & Lock Bird this time. Harvey played Street, then used Purrelyly’s effect to upgrade into Epurrely Beauty. Beauty attacked directly, dropping Dickerson to 5500 Life Points. Harvey Set a back row card, then Street attached a Sleepy Memory to Beauty.

Dickerson drew Gold Pride – The Crowd Goes Wild!, and Beauty gave Harvey a card thanks to its Sleepy Memory effect. Dickerson played The Crowd Goes Wild, revealing Leon to add Roller Baller to his hand. Since he had lower Life Points, he Special Summoned Captain Carrie and added Start Your Engines to his hand. He Special Summoned Leon next, and Harvey flipped Purrelyeap!?, but Dickerson used his Solemn Judgment! Then he stacked Leon and Captain Carrie for Number 49: Fortune Tune! It attacked Beauty, using its effect to not get destroyed in battle. Then he used Fortune Tune to Xyz Summon Downerd Magician, then Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder in Defense Position. He Set Start Your Engines. In the End Phase, Stray Purrely Street attached Happy Memory to Beauty.

Harvey activated My Friend Purrely, paying 500 Life Points to reveal two Happy Memory and one Delicious Memory; a random one of them went to his hand. He Set one face-down in his back row, then used Beauty’s effect from Pretty Memory to attach Dickerson’s Set Start Your Engines as a material. Dickerson Chained Zeus’s effect, and Beauty negated Zeus. Then Harvey upgraded Beauty into Expurrely Noir! It once again used the effect from Pretty Memory, this time to attach Zeus! Dickerson was left wide open with low Life Points after his many Gold Pride effects and Solemn Judgment, and Noir was able to finish him off!

Julian Harvey comes out ahead with Dark World Purrely!