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Top 4 Feature Match: Logan Johnson vs. Steven Trifunoski

October 22nd, 2023

Two wins. Two wins for one of these Duelists to be the next YCS Champion! We’ve got Logan Johnson, from Seattle, playing the newly popular Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE Deck. He’s up against Steven Trifunoski, from Toronto, ON, who is the last Mannadium Duelist in contention. Will Rescue-ACE meet the hype, or will Mannadium come out ahead with the power of Field Spells? It’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Johnson won the dice roll and played first. He pitched EXTINGUISH! to Special Summon Diabellstar the Black Witch, which put Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye on the field. He Normal Summoned Rescue-ACE Hydrant next, using its effect to add Rescue-ACE Turbulence to his hand. He used Hydrant to Link Summon Linkuriboh, then used Snake-Eye, sending Linkuriboh as the cost to Special Summon Jet Synchron. He tuned Jet Synchron to Diabellstar for Borreload Savage Dragon! It equipped Linkuriboh and got one Borrel Counter. He banished Hydrant and EXTINGUISH! to Special Summon Turbulence, using its effect to Set CONTAIN!, EMERGENCY!, and RESCUE! on the field. He revived Jet Synchron by pitching an extra EMERGENCY!, and tuned it to Turbulence for Baronne de Fleur! He Set his last card in his back row.

Logan Johnson showing off for the fans

Trifunoski had a hand of Mannadium Imaginings, Mannadium Abscission, Triple Tactics Talent, Enemy Controller, and Scareclaw Kashtira. He drew Scareclaw Arrival. In the Draw Phase, Johnson flipped EMERGENCY! to Special Summon Preventer, then Tributed it. Preventer’s effect Special Summoned Hydrant in Defense Position. Trifunoski Special Summoned Scareclaw Kashtira by banishing Scareclaw Arrival from his hand. He moved to the Battle Phase, and Johnson flipped RESCUE! to revive Preventer. Preventer flipped Scareclaw Kashtira face-down. In Main Phase 2, Trifunoski played Mannadium Abscission, targeting Scareclaw Kashtira. His monster was destroyed, and he added Peaceful Planet Calarium to his hand. He played Calarium to add Mannadium Riumheart to his hand. He played Mannadium Imaginings next, drawing Mannadium Meek and Scareclaw Arrival, putting Triple Tactics Talent to the bottom of the Deck. He Normal Summoned Riumheart and used its effect, and Johnson used CONTAIN! to try and negate it. Trifunoski responded with Enemy Controller to Tribute Riumheart, trying to steal Baronne de Fleur. Johnson negated Enemy Controller with Borreload Savage Dragon. Trifunoski began resolving Riumheart’s effect, but decided it wasn’t going to matter, and conceded the first Duel.

Duel 2

Trifunoski chose to play first this time, and started with a hand of Forbidden Droplet, Scareclaw Arrival, Called by the Grave, and a pair of Mannadium Meek. He Set Droplet and Called by the Grave.

Steven Trifunoski flexes at all times

Johnson started with WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils, adding Diabellstar the Black Witch to his hand. He Special Summoned Diabellstar, sending a Nibiru, the Primal Being to the Graveyard, and Diabellstar’s effect put Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye on the field. He flipped Snake-Eye, sending Diabellstar to Special Summon Rescue-ACE Hydrant. Trifunoski flipped Droplet, sending a Meek to the Graveyard to negate Hydrant. Johnson played ALERT!, adding Rescue-ACE Air Lifter from his Deck to his hand. He Normal Summoned Air Lifter and added EMERGENCY! to his hand. He played that to Special Summon Turbulence, Tributing Air Lifter. Turbulence’s effect put EXTINGUISH!, CONTAIN!, RESCUE!, and EMERGENCY! on the field. He then used Hydrant to play Linkuriboh, and banished Air Lifter from the Graveyard to Special Summon Preventer. He used Preventer and Linkuriboh to play S:P Little Knight, which tried to banish the Set Called by the Grave. Trifunoski responded activated it to banish Preventer from the Graveyard, negating its effect. Johnson continued, using WANTED from the Graveyard to draw a card. He passed.

Trifunoski drew Visas Samsara. In the Draw Phase, Johnson used EMERGENCY! to Special Summon Preventer, Tributing Turbulence. Trifunoski Normal Summoned Visas Samsara, using it to Link Summon Scareclaw Light-Heart. Johnson used CONTAIN! to negate it. Trifunoski tried using Scareclaw Arrival to revive Visas Samsara, but Johnson had Bystial Magnamhut to banish Visas! Trifunoski offered the handshake!

Logan Johnson is taking Rescue-ACE to the finals!