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Top 8 Feature Match: Yamil Camacho vs. Jack Li

October 22nd, 2023

Top 8 is underway, and we have another great Feature Match in store! Yamil Camacho, from Clarksville, TN, is the lone Exosister Duelist to make it to the Top 32. He’s advanced this far, but now he’s facing Jack Li, from Scarborough, ON, and his Purrely Deck. Li is also the final Purrely Duelist in the tournament. Only one Duelist and one Deck can advance!

Duel 1

Li won the dice roll with a 12, and chose to play first. His opening hand was Purrelyly, 2 Pot of Prosperity, Infinite Impermanence, and Kashtira Fenrir. He started by Special Summoning Fenrir and activating its effect, adding another Fenrir to his hand. He Normal Summoned Purrelyly, using its effect to add My Friend Purrely to his hand. He played My Friend and paid 500 Life Points, revealing three copies of Purrely Sleepy Memory, putting one into his hand. He played Sleepy Memory, and Camacho Chained Dimension Shifter. Li resolved Sleepy Memory, discarding Pot of Prosperity to Special Summon Purrely. Purrely’s effect put another My Friend Purrely in Li’s hand. He played his second Pot of Prosperity, banishing six cards from his Extra Deck to add Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to his hand. He used Purrely and Purrelyly to Link Summon I:P Masquerena, then Set Infinite Impermanence.

Camacho used Book of Moon to flip Fenrir face-down, effectively shutting off both Fenrir and I:P Masquerena! He played Pot of Prosperity next, banishing just three cards from his Extra Deck, and revealed Exosister Stella, Exosister Vadis, and Evenly Matched. He thought a long time, but eventually settled on Stella, passing up the big Evenly Matched play. He Normal Summoned Stella and used its effect to Special Summon Exosister Elis, gaining 800 Life Points. He stacked his monsters to play Exosister Mikailis, and tried using its effect to search for a card. Li flipped Infinite Impermanence to negate it, and Camacho Chained Mikailis’s other effect to banish My Friend Purrely. Mikailis then destroyed Fenrir in battle. In Main Phase 2, he used Mikailis to play Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder in Defense Position.

Li drew Purrely. He Normal Summoned it and added Purrely Pretty Memory to his hand. He used Purrely and I:P Masquerena to play S:P Little Knight, using its effect to banish Zeus. Camacho Chained Zeus to wipe the field, Li responded with Little Knight’s effect temporarily banishing itself and Zeus. Li continued by Special Summoning Fenrir, adding his third Fenrir to his hand. He played My Friend Purrely and used its effect, revealing Purrely Happy Memory and two Sleepy Memories. He got a Sleepy Memory added to his hand. He played it, discarding Fenrir to Special Summon Purrelyly. Purrelyly added Stray Purrely Street to his hand. He played that, then used Purrelyly’s effect with Sleepy Memory to play Epurrely Noir. Noir and Fenrir attacked directly. Li then played Pretty Memory and Chained Noir’s effect to both attach the Memory and Set Purrelyeap!? on the field. In the End Phase, Street attached a second Sleepy Memory to Noir. In the End Phase, Zeus and S:P Little Knight returned to the field.

In Camacho’s Standby Phase, the Sleepy Memory effects let Li draw Pot of Prosperity and Purrely. Then he used Purrelyeap!? to turn Epurrely Noir into Expurrely Noir. Since it was a new monster, Li was able to use the two Sleepy Memory effects again, drawing Droll & Lock Bird and Happy Memory. Camacho played Pot of Prosperity, banishing three cards to add Exosister Sophia to his hand, and Li used his Droll & Lock Bird afterward. Camacho switched Zeus to Attack Position, sending it to attack Little Knight. Li responded with Noir’s effect to put Zeus in the Extra Deck. Camacho thought over his options and decided to concede this Duel!

Duel 2

Camacho chose to play first. He Normal Summoned Aratama, adding Sakitama to his hand. He used Sakitama’s effect to Normal Summon it as well, and Xyz Summoned Exosister Kaspitell. He used its effect to add Exosister Martha to his hand. He Special Summoned Martha, which Special Summoned Exosister Elis. He stacked both for Mikailis, and Li dropped Nibiru, the Primal Being! Camacho got a 4800/2600 Primal Being Token in Defense Position. Camacho Set three back row cards.

Li had My Friend Purrely, Kashtira Fenrir, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, and a second Nibiru. He drew Purrely Pretty Memory. In the Draw Phase, he used Pretty Memory to give each player 1000 Life Points, then he discarded the spare Nibiru to Special Summon Purrelyly. That added a Purrely to his hand. He tried using Purrelyly’s effect with the Pretty Memory in his Graveyard, and Camacho flipped Gozen Match! Li sent Purrelyly to the Graveyard, keeping Nibiru in play and locking into LIGHT monsters. He Normal Summoned Purrely, which added Stray Purrely Street to his hand. He played My Friend Purrely next, paying 500 Life Points to reveal three copies of Purrely Happy Memory and add one to his hand. Then he used Purrely’s effect, stacking it with Happy Memory to play Epurrely Happiness. He played Street, and Camacho responded with Infinite Impermanence to negate Happiness while it was till targetable. Li sent Nibiru to destroy the Primal Being Token, and Happiness attacked directly. In Main Phase 2 he used Happiness to play Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder, hoping to clear out Gozen Match, but Camacho had Solemn Judgment!

Camacho played Pot of Prosperity, banishing six cards, and Li used his Ash Blossom to negate it. He passed.

Li drew his own Pot of Prosperity. He first paid 500 Life Points to use My Friend again, revealing two copies of Happy Memory and a Purrely Delicious Memory. A Happy Memory was added to his hand; he played it, protecting Nibiru, and discarded Fenrir to Special Summon Purrely. Purrely’s effect put another My Friend in his hand. He attacked with Nibiru and Purrely to drop Camacho to just 400 Life Points! In Main Phase 2, Li used Pot of Prosperity now that the damage halving effect wouldn’t matter. He banished six cards to put Kashtira Fenrir in his hand.

Camacho had just two cards in his hand and a Gozen Match. He played Pot of Prosperity again, banishing three cards, revealing his third Pot of Prosperity (which he couldn’t play this turn) and two Exosister Pax (which he didn’t have the Life Points to pay for). He took a Pax. He Normal Summoned Exosister Sophia… and attacked Nibiru, wiping out his own Life Points as he offered the handshake!

Jack Li is heading to the Top 4 with Purrely!