YCS Indianapolis Prize Wall

October 21st, 2023

Play in Public Events at a YCS and you’ll earn tickets. Exchange your tickets for sweet prizes at the Prize Wall! Here’s a tour of some of what you can get.

Some of the biggest prizes are the Giant Cards! Duelists can get GIANT copies of Illegal Knight, Elemental HERO Stratos, and more! There’s also the smaller oversized cards for less tickets, if you like.

In front of the Giant Cards you can see some uncut sheets of Secret Rares! These are always a hot item, with iconic cards straight from the presses.

Speaking of uncut sheets, we also have EVEN BIGGER uncut sheets! These ones have Secret Rare and Ultra Rare cards, but they’re all the same card in each sheet.

Here we have some Duel Links swag, with patches and pins!

Here’s a sampling of the massive selection of Game Mats to choose from!

Beyond this, there’s pins, binders, Deck boxes, score pads, and more! Check out the Public Events to earn some of these prizes!