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Round 10 Feature Match: Jerrod Dunn vs. Elias Tsirogiannis

November 5th, 2023

Day 2’s kicking off here on Sunday morning, and Jerrod Dunn from Baltimore is playing Tearlaments, up against Elias Tsirogiannis from Queens, playing Kashtira! You read that right, Kashtira is still alive despite losing Kashtira Arise-Heart on the most recent Forbidden & Limited List. This classic match-up is happening right here at YCS Richmond!

Both Duelists are in great shape to make Top 32 with a win in this Match, while a loss will mean they’ll be dancing with danger. It’s time to Duel!

Jerrod Dunn is ready to Duel!

Tsirogiannis started by activating Pressured Planet Wraitsoth, adding Kashtira Unicorn to his hand. He followed up by Special Summoning Kashtira Unicorn and using its effect to add Kashtira Birth to his hand from his Deck. He Special Summoned Kashtira Riseheart with its effect after that, then banished Kashtira Fenrir to change Riseheart’s Level to 7, and banish 3 cards from Dunn’s Deck. Tsirogiannis activated Kashtira Birth, and Special Summoned Kashtira Fenrir. He considered his options, then Added Kashtira Ogre to his hand as well. He Normal Summoned Kashtira Ogre, then added Kashtira Preparations to his hand with its effect. Tsirogiannis Xyz Summoned Kashtira Shangri-Ira using Riseheart and Unicorn, Set 1 facedown, then activated Terraforming to add Pressured Planet Wraitsoth to his hand, passing play there.

Dunn had a hand of Primeval Planet Perlereino, Diviner of the Herald, Tearlaments Scream, Destiny HERO – Malicious, Destiny HERO – Denier, and UnChained Soul of Shyama. During Dunn’s Standby Phase, Tsirogiannis Special Summoned Kashtira Unicorn from his Deck thanks to Kashtira Shangri-Ira. Dunn fired back by Normal Summoning Diviner of the Herald and sent Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard to the Graveyard with Diviner’s effect.

On a new Chain, Dunn’s Kelbek activated and Tsirogiannis responded with Kashtira Ogre, then Chained his Kashtira Preparations. Ogre Banished Tearlaments Scheiren facedown. Dunn sent 5 and hit Tearlaments Kashtira while Tsirogiannis lost nothing of note. Dunn’s Tearlaments Kashtira was activated, and Tsirogiannis activated his Kashtira Unicorn to banish an Extra Deck card, as well as Kashtira Shangri-Ira to lock a Main Monster Zone from being used. Dunn’s Mudragon of the Swamp was banished facedown, Dunn hit nothing to help, and Shangri-Ira locked another Main Monster Zone!

Dunn activated his Primeval Planet Perlereino and got Tearlaments Kashtira to his hand, then activated Tearlaments Scream. That prompted Tsirogiannis to activate his Kashtira Birth, targeting Dunn’s Tearlaments Kashtira, Keldo the Sacred Protector, and Kelbek. Dunn Chained his Keldo, targeting Kelbek and Danger!? Jackalope! as well as Tsirogiannis’s Scareclaw Kashtira. He then Chained Tearlaments Kashtira to Special Summon, and on the Summon sent 6 cards from his Deck to the Graveyard thanks to Tearlaments Kashtira and Tearlaments Scream. He hit a Tearlaments Merrli!

Merrli’s effect activated, returning itself and a Destiny HERO – Malicious he sent to the Graveyard with an effect earlier in the turn to Fusion Summon Destiny HERO – Dangerous. That created another Chain, with Primeval Planet’s effect attempting to destroy Tsirogiannis’s Fenrir, but he fired back by using Fenrir to banish Diviner of the Herald facedown. That triggered Shangri-Ira to lock another Main Monster Zone, and finally Pressured Planet targeted Destiny HERO – Dangerous to destroy it, but Dunn Chained his Destiny HERO – Dangerous, discarding his in-hand Destiny HERO – Denier to send Malicious to the Graveyard from his Deck.

He pressed on, activating Denier to Special Summon itself, then returned the Malicious back to his Deck with its effect. After a moment of thought, he attacked Kashtira Unicorn with his Tearlaments Kashtira, and inflicted 400 damage thanks to his Planet increasing his monster’s Attack Points, and Tearlaments Scream decreasing Unicorn’s. In Main Phase 2, he Link Summoned Barricadeborg Blocker, discarding Destiny HERO – Malicious for the Borg’s effect to add a Field Spell from Graveyard or Deck to his hand in the End Phase. Dunn banished the Malicious to Special Summon another copy, then Link Summoned S:P Little Knight, which banished Shangri-Ira, unlocking his Zones! He passed play, adding Primeval Planet Perlereino, and Tsirogiannis used Kashtira Preparations to Special Summon Shangri-Ira from his Graveyard.

During his Standby Phase, Tsirogiannis Special Summoned Kashtira Fenrir thanks to Kashtira Shangri-Ira. His Pressured Planet Wraitsoth activated, Targeting Dunn’s S:P Little Knight, which Dunn Chained to banish itself and Kashtira Fenrir for the turn. That let Tsirogiannis activate his Kashtira Ogre and banish Dunn’s Tearlaments Merrli from the top of his Deck. Shangri-ira locked the Middle Main Monster Zone as well.

Tsirogiannis activated Harpie’s Feather Duster, clearing Dunn’s Spells, but Dunn activated Tearlaments Scream to search Tearlaments Sulliek. That Triggered Tsirogiannis’s Kasthria Birth, which targeted Dunn’s Tearlaments Reinoheart, Tearlaments Scream, and Tearlaments Kashtira to banish them all face-down. Tsirogiannis activated the effect of Birth, Special Summoning Kashtira Unicorn, which he activated to add Kashtiratheosis to his hand before Xyz Summoning Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon, which he used to Link Summon Gravity Controller. Absolute Dragon activated to Special Summon Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon, which he used as material to Xyz Summon Odd-Eyes Rebellion Overlord. He went to the Battle Phase and attacked for game with Overlord since it could attack 3 times for using an Xyz Monster as a material!

Oh yeah, Kashtira’s back!

Dunn started Duel 2 with Nibiru, the Primal Being, Tearlaments Kashtira, Tearlaments Scream, Primeval Planet Perlereino, and Danger! Nessie!. He began by activating Primeval Planet and adding Tearlaments Reinoheart to his hand, then activated Tearlaments Scheiren, discarding Reinoheart and sending Danger! Nessie!, Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson, and Keldo the Sacred Protector to his Graveyard. Reinoheart activated from the Graveyard, discarding Tearlaments Sulliek and Special Summoning. He activated Reinoheart and Sulliek in a new Chain, , adding Tearlaments Kashtira to his hand and sending Tearlaments Havnis to the Graveyard from his Deck. Havnis activated to Fusion Summon, returning itself and Destrudo to Fusion Summon Mudragon of the Swamp.

He used Reinoheart and Mudragon as materials to Xyz Summon Bahamut Shark, and when he activated its effect to Special Summon from his Extra Deck, Tsirogiannis responded with Infinite Impermanence. Dunn banished Tearlaments Sulliek to Special Summon Tearlaments Kashtira, then sent Tearlaments Heartbeat, Tearlaments Cryme, and Foolish Burial Goods from his Deck to the Graveyard. Heartbeat added Cryme to Dunn’s hand, and after some thought he Set 1 facedown and activated Danger! Nessie! from his hand. Nessie was discarded, and Dunn added Danger!? Jackalope? which he promptly activated. He discarded Nibiru to Special Summon Jackalope and draw another Primeval Planet Perlereino.

Jackalope and Scheiren were Linked to Link Summon Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy. Dunn Linked it with Bamahut Shark to Link Summon Spright Sprind, which sent Tearlaments Merrli to the Graveyard from his Deck. Merrli returned itself, Tearlaments Scheiren, and Tearlaments Reinoheart to Fusion Summon Tearlaments Kaleido-Heart. On its Summon, Dunn destroyed his Kaleido-Heart with his Primeval Planet, then Special Summoned it to the field with its own effect, sending Tearlaments Scheiren to the Graveyard from his Deck. He activated Scheiren’s effect next, returning it and Nessie to Fusion Summon Garura, the Wings of Resonant Life. He used Garura and Tearlaments Kashtira as materials to Link Summon S:P Little Knight. Garura drew Dunn Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard, and he passed his turn with a solid field.

Elias Tsirogiannis is a man with a plan

Tsirogiannis started his turn by activating Terraforming, adding Pressured Planet Wraitsoth to his hand from the Deck, and immediately activated it to get Kashtira Unicorn. He Special Summoned Unicorn, then used it to attack Dunn’s S:P Little Knight. In response to the attack, Dunn activated Keldo the Sacred Protector targeting his in-Graveyard Tearlaments Kashtria, Tearlaments Heartbeat, and Mudragon of the Swamp. Since Tearlaments Kashtira was returned to the Deck, Tsirogiannis activated Unicorn’s effect, and Dunn Chained Primeval Planet to destroy Unicorn. Tsirogiannis had to go to Main Phase 2 and Special Summoned Kashtira Fenrir. He activated Fenrir’s effect, adding Kashtira Riseheart to his hand. He activated Riseheart, and Dunn Chained S:P Little Knight to banish itself and Tsirogiannis’s Fenrir.

Kashtira Riseheart was Summoned from Tsirogiannis’s hand, and Tsirogiannis activated Kashtiratheosis, which was negated by Tearlaments Cryme, and Dunn discarded Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard, then activated Kelbek’s effect to send 5 cards from both Duelist’s Decks to the Graveyard. Dunn sent Tearlaments Scream, Night Sword Serpent, Tearlaments Havnis, Tearlaments Merrli, and Tearlaments Kashtira! An incredible 5 cards to hit! He activated the effects of Merrli, Havnis, Tearlaments Kashtira, Scream, and Kaleido-Heart to shuffle Tsirogiannis’s Riseheart back to the Deck, and Night Sword Serpent became Chain Link 6. Dunn Special Summoned his Serpent, returned the Riseheart, added Tearlaments Metanoise to his hand, Fusion Summoned Mudragon of the Swamp by returning Havnis with Garura, Wings of Resonant Life, then Summoned that same Garura by returning Merrli and Danger! Nessie! to his Deck. Tsirogiannis Set 1 card and ended, with his Fenrir returning thanks to S:P Little Knight.

Dunn drew Nibiru, the Primal Being and switched his monsters to Attack Position, then Link Summoned Underworld Goddess of the Closed World using Tsirogiannis’s Fenrir and his monsters. Before he entered the Battle Phase, Tsirogiannis Special Summoned Scareclaw Kashtira by banishing his Fenrir from his Graveyard. Dunn activated another Primeval Planet Perlereino, adding Tearlaments Scheiren to his hand, then activated Scheiren, discarding Nibiru, and sending Tearlaments Reinoheart, Tearlaments Kashtira, and Destiny HERO – Malicious, which Tsirogiannis said was more than enough to send it to Game 3!

Dunn fights back, winning Duel 2!

Tsirogiannis started the final Duel by activating Terraformingto get Pressured Planet Wraitsoth, which he activated to add Kashtira Unicorn his hand. He Special Summoned Unicorn, searching Kashtira Birth from his Deck. Birth was activated, and Tsirogiannis activated Kashtira Riseheart from his hand, then banished Kashtira Fenrir from his Deck with Riseheart to banish 3 of Dunn’s cards facedown. Tsirogiannis used the effect of Kashtira Birth to Special Summon his Fenrir, then added Kashtira Ogre to his hand with Fenrir’s effect, reminiscent of Duel 1. Riseheart and Unicorn were used to Xyz Summon Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon, and he passed play to Dunn with 3:30 remaining on the clock. Dunn was in a dire position, with the Flare Metal Dragon dealing 500 points of damage to his Life Points for every card he used.

Dunn’s hand was Shaddoll Beast, Foolish Burial Goods, Card Destruction, Nibiru, the Primal Being, Tearlaments Scream, and Tearlaments Reinoheart. He activated Foolish Burial Goods, sending Trivikarma to the Graveyard, then banished Trivikarma to add Primeval Planet Perlereino to his hand. He activated Perlereino to search Tearlaments Scheiren, which he activated next, and Tsirogiannis Chained Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to negate the effect to Special Summon. With 6000 Life Points remaining, Dunn activated Card Destruction and drew Droll & Lock Bird, Agido the Ancient Sentinel, Keldo the Sacred Protector, Nibiru, the Primal Being, and another Primeval Planet Perlereino. In a new Chain, Dunn activated Tearlaments Scheiren, Tearlaments Reinoheart, Tearlaments Sulliek, and Shaddoll Beast, which was met by Tsirogiannis’ Ghost Sister & Spooky Dogwood. Sulliek added Tearlaments Kashtira to Dunn’s hand, Scheiren Fusion Summoned Mudragon of the Swamp and Reinoheart Special Summoned itself, giving Tsirogiannis an additional 4400 Life Points. Dunn knew it was over and conceded the Game.

Duel 3, featuring a Ghost Sister & Spooky Dogwood!

Elias Tsirogiannis emerges victorious with Kashtira, now wishing striking distance of the Top 32!