Top 16 Deck Breakdown

November 5th, 2023

Here are the Decks still in contention in the Top 16, here at YCS Richmond!

The Unchained train keeps a-rollin’, with the Deck taking up one fourth of the Top 16…

After that is Tearlaments, with three Decks in the Top 16, one of which is a Horus mix. There’s also three Infernoble Decks, with two using a Sinful Spoils lineup and one without. Next is Rescue-ACE, now fallen far from the top spot, but still with two Decks remaining; Purrely are right there with them with two Decks in the Top 16. Finally there’s one Labrynth Deck, and one Infernoble Sinful Spoils Mikanko Deck rounding out the pack.