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Top 32 Feature Match Christopher LeBlanc Versus Evan Hornick

November 5th, 2023

Christopher LeBlanc is no stranger to Top Cut competition: he’s won 5 YCS events in his Dueling career so far! He’s here in the Top 32 competing with Purrely, hoping to capture his 6th Championship. He’s facing off against Evan Hornick, who’s made his first Top 32 this weekend playing Dinomorphia! We’re in the single elimination portion of the tournament, so it’s win or go home. It’s time to Duel!

LeBlanc, ready to Duel!

Hornick began the Duel by Normal Summoning Dinomorpha Diplos, which sent Dinomorphia Alter to the Graveyard from his Deck. He Set 4 cards and passed his turn.

Leblanc’s hand was Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Droll & Lock Bird, Dark Ruler No More, Stray Purrely Street, Purrely Happy Memory, and Infinite Impermanence. He activated Stray Purrely Street, then activated Purrely Happy Memory, discarding Droll & Lock Bird to Special Summon Purrelyly. In response to Purrelyly’s effect, Hornick Chained Gozen Match, locking LeBlanc into DARK monsters. LeBlanc searched My Friend Purrely with Purrelyly’s effect, and on resolution, Hornick activated Dinomorphia Frenzy. He paid half his Life Points and sent Dinomorphia Therizia and Dinomorphia Stealthbergia to the Graveyard to Fusion Summon Dinomorphia Kentregina. Hornick activated its effect, paying half his Life Points again and banishing the Frenzy he just activated, to Fusion Summon Dinomorphia Rexterm.

LeBlanc continued by activating Dark Ruler No More, and on resolution Hornick activated Dinomorphia Domain, paying half his Life Points to Fusion Summon a new Dinomorphia Rexterm, this one not negated by LeBlanc’s Dark Ruler. LeBlanc considered his plays, before electing to Xyz Summon Super Starslayer TY-PHON – Sky Crisis and attacking for Game!

TY-PHON in Quarter Century Secret Rare glory!

Unfortunately the attack for game was illegal, since Dark Ruler No More’s restriction was in effect. Both players were made aware, and the appropriate penalty was applied. However, since the Duel concluded, the result was upheld due to Tournament Policy. Play moved on to the second Duel.

Hornick started Duel 2 by activating Pot of Prosperity and banishing 3 cards; LeBlanc responded with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Hornick Set 4 and passed turn.

LeBlanc had Stray Purrely Street, My Friend Purrely, Pot of Prosperity, and 2 copies Purrely Pretty Memory. He activated Pot of Prosperity, banished 6 cards and revealed Infinite Impermanence, 2 copies of Purrely, Dinowrestler Pankratops, and Purrely Delicious Memory. He ultimately chose to take Purrely, then Normal Summoned it. Hornick flipped Gozen Match in response to its effect! Purrely revealed the Duster LeBlanc needed and 2 copies of Purrelyly.

LeBlanc activated My Friend Purrely and Hornick flipped Solemn Judgment. On resolution, Hornick activated Dinomorphia Frenzy to Special Summon Dinomorphia Kentregina. He activated Kentregina, banishing the Frenzy, and Fusion Summoned Dinomorphia Rexterm. After some thought, LeBlanc went to his Battle Phase, and attacked Rexterm with Purrely (taking 2900 damage). In Main Phase 2 he activated Stray Purrely Street, then Purrely Pretty Memory to Special Summon Purrelyly. When he activated Purrelyly’s effect, Hornick flipped Dinomorphia Intact, and LeBlanc conceded.

Dinomorphia taking it to Match Point!

LeBlanc started the final Duel with Dinowrestler Pankratops, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Pot of Prosperity, Enemy Controller, and Purrely Delicious Memory. In LeBlanc’s Draw Phase, Hornick activated Dimension Shifter. LeBlanc activated Pot of Prosperity, banishing 6 cards and revealing another Pot of Prosperity, Lightning Storm, My friend Purrely, Purrely Happy Memory, Stray Purrely Steet, and Enemy Controller, adding the Lightning Storm to his hand. He passed after that.

Hornick began by activating his own Pot of Prosperity, banishing 6 cards as well. LeBlanc countered with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, and Hornick Set 2 cards before passing.

LeBlanc drew Purrely Sleepy Memory, and Hornick flipped Anti-Spell Fragrance in LeBlanc’s Standby Phase! LeBlanc Chained Purrely Sleepy Memory, discarded Lightning Storm and Summoned Purrelyly.  That got him a copy of Purrely, and LeBlanc activated Purrelyly’s effect, targeting his Purrely Sleepy Memory to Summon Epurrely Noir. He activated Noir by discarding Pankratops to return both of Hornick’s backrow cards to his hand. He followed up by Normal Summoning Purrely and adding Purrely Happy Memory to his hand, then used its effect to Summon Epurrely Happiness.

He went to the Battle Phase, attacked with Happiness and added My Friend Purrely to his hand, then attacked with Epurrely Noir. During the Battle Phase he activated Purrely Delicious Memory, and Chained Epurrely Noir to Set Purrelyeap!? In Main Phase 2, he activated My Friend Purrely to reveal 3 Stray Purrely Street, adding one to his hand. He activated Street, then Summoned Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder, before going to his End phase and Placing Purrely Sleepy Memory under Epurrely Noir.

Hornick was up, and LeBlanc drew Solemn Judgment and Lightning Storm thanks to Epurrely Noir. He Flipped Purrelyeap!? and drew Harpie’s Feather Duster and another Solemn Judgment. Hornick Summoned Lava Golem to LeBlanc’s field, and Leblance added back Purrely Happy Memory, Purrely Sleepy Memory, and Purrely Delicious Memory, then Special Summoned Purrelyly and added Purrely to his hand. Hornick Set 3 and passed turn.

Leblanc Drew Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring for turn and considered his plays. In the Standby Phase, Hornick activated Anti-Spell Fragrance once again, and Leblanc Chained Purrely Sleepy Memory, discarding Solemn Judgment to Special Summon another Purrelyly from his Deck. Purrelyly added My Friend Purrely to his hand, and because of the Purrely Sleepy Memory, LeBlanc didn’t take damage from Lava Golem’s effect. In his Main Phase, LeBlanc shuffled back Epurrely Noir, Epurrely Happiness and Expurrely Noir with Purrelyeap!? On resolution Hornick activated Skill Drain. LeBlanc attacked with his Lava Golem, leaving Hornick at 1000 Life Points, and Set 4 cards to end.

Hornick Set 1 and passed.

LeBlanc drew Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring and flipped Harpie’s Feather Duster! Hornick Chained Ferret Flames, and LeBlanc Chained Solemn Judgement, then Normal Summoned Purrely, using its effect to Summon Epurrely Happiness and attacked for Game!

LeBlanc fires back to win the Match!

LeBlanc advances to Top 16 with his Purrely Deck, just a few more wins away from another possible Championship win.