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Top Tables Update: Round 11

November 5th, 2023

Here are the top Decks remaining in the competition, as we begin the final Round of Swiss here at YCS Richmond!

Rescue-ACE is still in the lead, taking up one fourth of all the top Decks…

Tearlaments are next, with 10% of all the remaining builds being the standard version, and another 8% using Horus cards to support the Tearlaments theme. Unchained are right behind, making up 13% of Decks, followed by Mannadium with 8% of the table share. Mikanko’s also 8% of the field, split between pure and Infernoble Sinful Spoils variants – impressive since so few Duelists brought Mikanko to the tournament. After that are a wide variety of Decks with one or two representatives, all with a great chance at the Top 32!