Top Tables Update: Day 2

November 5th, 2023

Here are all the Decks that made the Day 2 cutoff, here at YCS Richmond!

Rescue-ACE Decks have a narrow lead heading into Day 2, all of which are running the Sinful Spoils lineup. They make up 22% of the field, so the Deck’s definitely living up to the hype…

Unchained is the next biggest Deck in the Day 2 field, close behind Rescue-ACE at 14% of the remaining seats. Tearlaments are next, with 9% of all Decks being normal Tearlaments variants, and an additional 2% of Decks using the Horus engine with Imsety, Glory of Horus and the rest. Mannadium and Purrely each take up 9% of the field as well.

After that there are still a variety of strategies that put multiple Duelists into Day 2, including Labrynth, Mikanko, and Vanquish Soul. Any number of these could still make it to the Top 32. Finally, the most represented of all is the Other category: there are tons of Duelists still in contention who are piloting fully unique Decks that no one else has in Day 2! We have just two more Swiss Rounds to go before the Top Cut, so stick with us to find out what makes it.