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Check Out The Championship Prizes For The YCS Main Event!

February 24th, 2024

We already gave you a tour of the prize wall here at TEAM YCS Las Vegas, and we showed you all the new game mats up for grabs! From foiled out Giant Cards and stunning uncut sheets, to coins, pins, and light-up Bluetooth tumblers, there’s an incredible spread of swag on offer for determined Duelists. But when it comes down to it? A few prizes are even more desirable than the rest: the ones reserved for the top finishers in the YCS Main Event. 

Since this is a Team Format event crowning not one, but three winners, a full playset of Ultra Rare Championship Prize Cards will be given to the winning trio. Each of those three Duelists will be heading home with an Ultra Rare Anotherverse Gluttonia, customized with unique text commemorating the tournament: “This card was awarded to the winners of the North America TEAM YCS in the 2023-2024 Season”

In addition, all 48 Duelists who make the Top 16 will earn a Top Cut game mat, featuring Anotherverse Gluttonia and the TEAM YCS logo. This mat may look similar to the ones given out at regular YCS events awarding Gluttonia, but it actually features some different details in the artwork that really put this prize over the top.

And of course, a trio of Champions means a trio of Championship trophies! Each of these cut crystal behemoths feature 3D laser engravings of Anotherverse Gluttonia, both the full card in the lower left, and the monster on its own at the top. And like the game mats, these trophies feature the TEAM YCS logo in red and blue, instead of the regular YCS crest. 

By the end of tomorrow one triumphant team will be hoisting these trophies high, their names etched indelibly into the history books of YCS competition! Stick with us through the weekend to find out who it’ll be.