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Round 5 Feature Match: Connor Albury (Team Kuribros) vs. Jon Pineda (Team Paez Gaming)

February 24th, 2024

Welcome to Round 5! Representing Team Kuribros is Connor Albury, here from Spanish Wells, Bahamas, using Voiceless Voice! His opponent is Jon Pineda, of Team Paez Gaming. This Denver Duelist is using a Red Dragon Archfiend Deck! It’s Rituals versus Synchros, and only one can come out on top!

Duel 1

Albury won the dice roll and chose to play first. He started with Diviner of the Herald, using its effect to send Saffira, Dragon Queen of the Voiceless Voice from his Deck to the Graveyard. He Set two back row cards and passed. (Note: Diviner can only send Fairy-type monsters to the Graveyard, and Saffira is a Dragon-type. This was not a legal play, but it was not noticed immediately. It became an accepted game state, as play had moved on.)

Pineda had a hand of Crimson Gaia, Obsessive Uvualoop, Vision Resonator, Wandering King Wildwind, and Nibiru, the Primal Being. He drew Forbidden Droplet. He started with Crimson Gaia to try and add a card to his hand, and Albury negated its effect with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Pineda Normal Summoned Uvualoop, then Special Summoned Wildwind. He Synchro Summoned Scarred Red Dragon Archfiend! He Special Summoned Vision Resonator, and Albury flipped Super Polymerization. He discarded Lo, the Prayers of the Voiceless Voice to fuse Pineda’s monsters into Mudragon of the Swamp. Pineda’s Vision Resonator and Scarred activated in the Graveyard, and Albury flipped Called by the Grave to banish and negate Scarred. Vision Resonator’s effect put Red Zone in Pineda’s hand. He Set Red Zone and Forbidden Droplet.

Albury went directly to his Battle Phase. Mudragon attacked directly, and Pineda used Red Zone to Special Summon his banished Scarred Red Dragon Archfiend. Albury moved to Main Phase 2, using Mudragon and Diviner to Link Summon S:P Little Knight. Little Knight banished Scarred once more.

Pineda drew Chaos Space. He used Wildwind’s effect in the Graveyard, adding Synkron Resonator to his hand. He used Red Zone, bringing Scarred back once more. He Special Summoned Synkron Resonator, then Synchro Summoned Hot Red Dragon Archfiend. Synkron Resonator and Scarred triggered. Albury tried using S:P Little Knight, and Pineda negated that with Hot Red Dragon. The Chain resolved, and Pineda returned Vision Resonator to his hand, then Special Summoned Red Dragon Archfiend and destroyed Little Knight! Little Knight’s destruction triggered Crimson Gaia, and he Special Summoned Scarred straight back to the field! Albury was wide open in the face of Pineda’s Dragons, and Pineda attacked directly with everything!

Duel 2

Albury began the same as the last Duel, with Diviner of the Herald. He used its effect to send Trias Hierarchia to the Graveyard. He Special Summoned Trias, Tributing Diviner. Diviner’s effect let him Special Summon Lo, the Prayers of the Voiceless Voice. Lo’s effect put Radiance of the Voiceless Voice on the field. He played Barrier of the Voiceless Voice next, and used its effect to add Saffira, Dragon Queen of the Voiceless Voice to his hand. He used Saffira’s effect, sending Prayers of the Voiceless Voice to the Graveyard and adding Skull Guardian, Protector of the Voiceless Voice to his hand. He banished Saffira from his Graveyard to Ritual Summon, Tributing Lo to play Skull Guardian. Lo’s effect let him Special Summon it back to the field, and Skull Guardian added Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended to his hand. He used Skull Guardian and Lo to Link Summon Dyna Mondo. He Set one back row card.

Pineda started with Vision Resonator, Soul Resonator, Bone Archfiend, Earthbound Prisoner Stone Sweeper, and Cosmic Cyclone. He drew Ghost Mourner & Moonlit Chill. First thing, Albury used Dyna Mondo to Special Summon Skull Guardian. This triggered the effects of Pineda’s Ghost Mourner, and Albury’s Skull Guardian and Lo. Lo hit the field once more, and Skull Guardian let him search for Sauravis, Dragon Sage of the Voiceless Voice. Then Ghost Mourner negated Skull Guardian for the turn. Pineda continued by Normal Summoning Soul Resonator, which added Wildwind to his hand. He Special Summoned Bone Archfiend next, discarding Vision Resonator. Vision Resonator’s effect triggered, and Albury flipped Summon Limit! Pineda added Crimson Gaia to his hand through Vision. Bone Archfiend’s effect let Pineda send Crimson Resonator to the Graveyard to modify Soul Resonator’s Level. Pineda used Cosmic Cyclone to banish Summon Limit! Albury wanted to use Skull Guardian, but forgot it had been negated by Ghost Mourner! Summon Limit was banished, and Pineda Synchro Summoned Scarred Red Dragon Archfiend, then played Crimson Gaia. Albury responded to Gaia’s searching effect with Radiance of the Voiceless Voice, destroying Radiance and Gaia – but Pineda banished Soul Resonator from the Graveyard to protect his Gaia! Gaia resolved and added Absolute Powerforce to his hand! He then discarded Stone Sweeper to add Synkron Resonator to his hand. He Special Summoned Synkron Resonator, then Synchro Summoned Hot Red Dragon Archfiend! Synkron Resonator and Scarred activated. Albury had D.D. Crow to stop Synkron Resonator’s effect, banishing the targeted Crimson Resonator. Scarred resolved and Special Summoned Red Dragon Archfiend, then destroyed Skull Guardian! Due to Ghost Mourner, Albury also took 2050 damage! That triggered the Prayers of the Voiceless Voice in Albury’s Graveyard, and he Special Summoned a new Skull Guardian. Pineda attacked Skull Guardian with Red Dragon Archfiend, triggering Crimson Gaia to flip everything face-down. Albury couldn’t use his new Skull Guardian, since he’d tried using his previous copy earlier in the turn. Red Dragon Archfiend’s attack continued, and its effect then wiped out all of Albury’s now Defense Position monsters! Gaia’s next effect revived Scarred from the Graveyard. It attacked directly as well, followed by Hot Red Dragon Archfiend! Thanks to the Ghost Mourner burn damage, that was more than enough to end the Match!

Jon Pineda takes the Match with Red Dragon Archfiend! Not long after, Team Paez Gaming emerged victorious!