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Saturday’s 3 vs. 3 Team Tournament Top 3!

February 24th, 2024

If Duelists didn’t get enough trios action in the YCS Main Event, there are several 3 vs. 3 Team Tournaments this weekend, offering unique prizes you won’t find anywhere else. The three teams that rack up the most points in these tournament earn partial uncut sheets of cards in rarities corresponding to their finish: Secret Rare sheets for 1st Place, Ultra Rares for 2nd Place, and Super Rares for 3rd Place. Check them out!

In 1st Place, Team Bricked: Jorge C, Kevin H. and Andy P
In 2nd Place, Super Team Buddy Force Unite!: Qamar S, Tyler V, and Esteban S
In 3rd Place, Team Rampaging Smashtank Rhynosaber: Ross C, Zachary W, and Zachary S

Congratulations to all our top finishers in the Saturday 3 vs. 3 Team Tournament!