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Undisputed UDS Championship Wrap-Up!

February 18th, 2024

Sixteen Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational winners came to the Konami E-Sports Arena this weekend for a chance to become the Undisputed Ultimate Duelist. One prevailed.

FIRE strategies utilizing the Snake-Eye and Fire King monsters were by far the most popular among competing Duelists, with 13 of the 16 competing Duelists relying on a FIRE Deck to win. At the end of 6 Swiss Rounds, 3 FIRE strategies and a Branded Despia Deck made it into the Top 4.

In the first Match of the Top 4 cut, Ultimate Duelist Neal Cameron Dueled against Ultimate Duelist Jesse Kotton in a close Match that pit two Fire King Snake-Eye Decks against one another. Ultimate Duelist Jesse Kotton took a narrow victory to earn his spot in the Finals. In the other Top 4 Match, Ultimate Duelist Juan Andrade used his Snake-Eye Deck to Duel against Ultimate Duelist Andres Torres and his Branded Despia Deck. In another close Match, Ultimate Duelist Juan Andrade triumphed to earn the honor of facing off in the Finals.

The rest was history. Two Duelists and two FIRE Decks entered the Finals, and Ultimate Duelist Jesse Kotton took the championship title while Ultimate Duelist Juan Andrade’s chances at the championship ring went down in flames. Congratulations to Jesse Kotton, the Undisputed Ultimate Duelist and winner of the Undisputed Ultimate Duelist Championship Ring!