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QQ: How did the Forbidden and Limited List Affect You?

April 21st, 2024

QQ stands for Quick Questions! This weekend at YCS Raleigh we asked a handful of Duelists the following question: Did the recent Forbidden & Limited List affect your deck? For better or worse?

“For worse, I was playing pure Snake-Eye at the time. But it’s a good change that Baronne de Fleur and Borreload Savage Dragon are gone because it opens up opportunities for other decks so I’ll accept the hit.” -Alex Gravely

“Yes! I had a bad habit of putting Baronne de Fleur in my Extra Deck. So now I have an open slot in my Extra Deck. But if anything it made my decks better because of that extra slot.” -Ed Acepcion

“I play Fire King Snake-Eye, so I did lose Linkuriboh. I think mine was the biggest winner of the List between Fire King and Pure Snake-Eye” -James Morgan

“My deck got hit for the worse. I lost Baronne de Fleur, Borreload Savage Dragon, and Linkuriboh!” -Sam Arunnaveesiri

“Yes! I would say for the better, the changes make it so that players have to be more aware of different win conditions and not just go for the standard ones. You have to work for the wins now.” -Zachariah Butler

Zachariah Butler, veteran Duelist and Lightsworn Enthusiast

The newest Forbidden & Limited List made some huge changes to decks everywhere. With the biggest losses seeming to be Linkuriboh, Borreload Savage Dragon, and Baronne de Fleur. Many Duelists have adapted their strategies to play around not having those powerful cards anymore. Many players are glad that these powerful cards are no longer a factor in the competition.