QQ: Legacy of Destruction

April 21st, 2024

QQ stands for Quick Questions! This weekend at YCS Raleigh we asked a handful of Duelists the following question: What card are you most looking forward to in Legacy of Destruction?

“All of the Lightsworn support! Lightsworn is my favorite theme of all time. Especially Lightsworn Dragonling, I’m excited to finally use Punishment Dragon for the first time.” -Ed Acepcion

Lightsworn Dragonling, it’s like a Lightsworn version of Mathmech Circular, so it lets all of the new crazy combos really work with the Deck.” -Alex Gravely

Alex Gravely, a veteran of the KONAMI Judge Program, is here this weekend as a Duelist!

“Any of the new Lightsworn cards! I’m planning on something spicy with Horus and Bystials in a Lightsworn Deck.” -James Morgan

Lightsworn Dragonling, I just love Lightsworn!” -Sam Arunnaveesiri

Minerva, the Athenian Lightsworn, Lightsworn is my favorite Deck. It’s the Deck that I’ve topped the most with, so getting to play it again in a competitive setting sounds exciting.” -Zachariah Butler

Wightlord! Wightlord! WIGHTLORD!” -Tyler Berger exclaimed as he pounded his fist on the table

Everyone here seems to love Lightsworn! It is no surprise considering it has always been a fan-favorite theme dating back to Light of Destruction, it will be exciting to see all the new Lightsworn cards coming out in Legacy of Destruction!