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Round 3 Feature Match: Isaiah Raphael vs. Cameron Carvella

April 20th, 2024

We’re in Round 3 with another heater of a Feature Match! We’re here with Isaiah Raphael, from Miami, FL, playing Centur-Ion! His Deck is teched out to beat the metagame, using Bystials and Super Polymerization to get an edge. His opponent is Cameron Carvella, from Knoxville, TN, with Bystial Runick! This Deck uses Runick spells to control the game and draw a lot of cards, with the Bystials and Runick monsters to fuel Synchro Summons to take over the Duel.

Duel 1

Carvella won the dice roll and played first. In his Draw Phase, he used Runick Flashing Fire to Special Summon Hugin the Runick Wings. He discarded The Bystial Lubellion for Hugin, and Raphael negated the effect with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Carvella moved to his Main Phase and Normal Summoned Deep Sea Diva, which Special Summoned Yamatako Orochi from the Deck. He used Orochi and Hugin to Synchro Summon Icejade Gymir Aegirine! He Special Summoned Bystial Saronir by banishing Hugin from his Graveyard, then Tributed Saronir to Special Summon Lubellion from his Graveyard. Saronir’s effect sent Bystial Magnamhut to the Graveyard. He tried using Lubellion’s effect, and Raphael used Effect Veiler to negate it. Carvella used Diva and Lubellion to Synchro Summon Bystial Dis Pater! He Set one back row card.

Raphael’s hand was Centur-Ion Primera, Emblema Oath,and Pot of Desires. He drew Centur-Ion Emeth VI. He started with Desires to draw Called by the Grave and Nibiru, the Primal Being – just a bit too late. He used Emblema Oath to Set Stand Up Centur-Ion! on the field. He flipped it up, and Carvella responded with Aegirine to banish it. Raphael Normal Summoned Primera, and Carvella used Dis Pater to shuffle one of the face-down banished cards into the Deck and negate Primera’s effect. Raphael considered his options for a moment, and conceded the Duel.

Carvella’s Synchro Monsters controlled this Duel, but now the Duelists moved to their Side Decks for an edge in the next one.

Duel 2

Raphael went first this time, starting with a hand of 2 Infinite Impermanence, 2 Stand Up, and Effect Veiler. He played Stand Up, using its effect to discard Veiler and place Primera in his back row. He Special Summoned Primera with its own effect, which added Centur-Ion Trudea to his hand. He Normal Summoned Trudea, using its effect place itself and Emeth VI from the Deck in his back row. He Special Summoned Emeth VI, then tuned Primera to Emeth VI for Centur-Ion Legatia. Legatia let him draw a new Veiler. He Set both copies of Infinite Impermanence, then used Legatia’s effect to put Primera in his back row.

Isaiah Raphael

Carvella used Runick Tip in his Draw Phase, searching for Runick Destruction. In the Main Phase he played Runick Fountain. He played Runick Smiting Storm next, which Special Summoned Sleipnir the Runick Mane. He Set one card in his back row. He tried leaving his Main Phase, and Raphael activated Primera. Carvella responded with Primera’s effect, and Carvella Chained Runick Destruction to destroy Primera. His Fountain let him then draw two new cards by recycling his Runick spells. He ended his turn, and Legatia returned Primera as a trap once again.

Raphael drew Deck Lockdown, and Sleipnir’s effect gave Carvella a Runick Token. Still in the Draw Phase, Carvella used Runick Tip to get another Runick Destruction. Raphael moved to his Main Phase. He tried to Special Summon Trudea from his back row, prompting Carvella to respond with Runick Destruction, and Raphael responded to that by Special Summoning Primera. Trudea was destroyed, and a new Chain began with Primera and Fountain. Carvella flipped Forbidden Droplet to negate Primera, sending a Runick spell for the cost, then recycled his Runick spells with Fountain for a fresh hand. Raphael played his second Stand Up, then Normal Summoned Veiler. He used it to Link Summon Artemis, the Magistus Moon Maiden, then used Artemis and Primera to Link Summon S:P Little Knight. Little Knight targeted Runick Fountain. Carvella Chained Runick Slumber to freeze Legatia for the turn, and finally Fountain was banished. Little Knight attacked Sleipnir. Carvella tried using Sleipnir’s effect to save it, but Raphael’s Infinite Impermanence negated it. In Main Phase 2, Raphael played Deck Lockdown. In the End Phase, Legatia put Primera in the back row once more.

Cameron Carvella

Carvella played Branded Regained, then Special Summoned Bystial Baldrake by banishing Sleipnir. Branded Regain returned Sleipnir to the Extra Deck to let him draw a card. He Special Summoned Vision Resonator, tuning it to Baldrake and the Runick Token for his own Centur-Ion Legatia! Its effect failed to destroy Raphael’s Legatia due to Primera’s effect, but it still let Carvella draw a card. Carvella Normal Summoned Deep Sea Diva, then used it and his Legatia to play S:P Little Knight. Carvella’s Little Knight banished Deck Lockdown, and Raphael used his own Little Knight to banish both Little Knights until the end of the turn. Carvella discarded Lubellion to add Bystial Magnamhut to his hand. He banished his Legatia to Special Summon Magnamhut, and Raphael used Infinite Impermanence to negate it, then Chained Primera’s effect to Special Summon itself. Primera added Centur-Ion Bonds to Raphael’s hand, and Carvella’s Branded Regain Special Summoned Baldrake. Carvella used Triple Tactics Talent to draw two new cards, then used Runick Tip to get a new Fountain. He played Fountain, then used Runick Smiting Storm to Special Summon Geri the Runick Fangs. Fountain let him draw a full three new cards. He used Cosmic Cyclone to banish Stand Up. Then he used Geri and Magnamhut to Synchro Summon Chaos Angel, trying to banish Raphael’s Legatia. Raphael responded with Emeth VI’s effect in the Graveyard, putting Legatia in the back row to Special Summon Emeth VI. Carvella used Runick Freezing Curses to Special Summon Sleipnir. He passed the turn, and both copies of S:P Little Knight returned to the field.

Raphael drew a third Infinite Impermanence, and Sleipnir Special Summoned a Runick Token. Raphael used Primera and Emeth VI to play a new Legatia. Carvella Chained Baldrake’s effect, Tributing the Runick Token. Raphael responded with Little Knight, targeting his Legatia and Carvella’s Sleipnir. Carvella responded to that with his own Little Knight, targeting both players’ Little Knights. The Chain resolved with both Little Knights, Sleipnir, and Legatia being banished until the End Phase, then Legatia’s effect destroying Chaos Angel and letting Raphael draw Solemn Judgment. In a new Chain, Branded Regain returned Raphael’s Little Knight to the Extra Deck and let Carvella draw a card. Finally, Raphael used Bonds to put Trudea in the back row, but it was destroyed by Runick Destruction. Fountain gave Carvella another fresh three cards. Raphael Set Infinite Impermanence and Solemn Judgment. Everything returned from the Little Knights’ effects. Legatia tried to activate in the End Phase, and Carvella had Freezing Curses to negate it.

Carvella Special Summoned Bystial Druiswurm by banishing his Geri. He then Tributed Druiswurm to Special Summon Lubellion from his Graveyard, and Druiswurm sent Legatia to the Graveyard. He Normal Summoned Yamatako Orochi, using it and Sleipnir for Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign – Chengying, and Raphael flipped Solemn Judgment. Carvella Special Summoned Saronir, banishing his Sleipnir. He skipped his Battle Phase once more.

Raphael drew his third Stand Up Centur-Ion!, with no cards to activate it and most of his Centur-Ions banished by Runick effects. He offered the handshake!

Cameron Carvella takes the Match with Bystial Runicks!