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Round 4 Feature Match: Anthony Carter vs. Thaddeus Bingham

April 20th, 2024

For the fourth round of Swiss here at YCS Raleigh we have two Duelists who are both currently undefeated. We have Anthony Carter from Virginia and Thaddeus Bingham from California. Carter used to live in California so the two Duelists could have easily played against each other at their local Regional Qualifiers!

Carter is using a Bystial Crimson King Deck! He’s channeling the king himself: Jack Atlas! Bingham is using a Fire King Snake-Eye Deck.

Duel One

Carter won the dice roll and opted to start off the Duel. He opened with a hand of WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils, Ghost Mourner & Moonlit Chill, Crimson Gaia, Absolute Powerforce, and Branded Regained. During his Main Phase, Carter started the Duel by activating Crimson Gaia. He activated the effect of Crimson Gaia and added Soul Resonator from his Deck to his hand. He Normal Summoned Soul Resonator but was stopped by Bingham’s Infinite Impermanence

Carter activated WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils and added Diabellstar the Black Witch from his Deck to his hand. He paused for a moment, planning out his plays. He Special Summoned Diabellstar by sending Soul Resonator from his field to the Graveyard. He attempted to activate Diabellstar’s effect but was stopped by another Impermanence from Bingham! He Set Absolute Powerforce and passed his turn.

Bingham drew for his turn and in his Draw Phase activated his own WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils; he added his own copy of Diabellstar from his Deck to his hand. During the Main Phase, he sent a Forbidden Droplet from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon Diabellstar the Black Witch. He attempted to activate its effect but Carter Chained the effect of his Ghost Mourner & Moonlit Chill! Bingham Chained a Forbidden Droplet from his hand to send his Diabellstar to the Graveyard and dodge the Ghost Mourner effect. Forbidden Droplet negated Carter’s Diabellstar and Bingham’s Diabellstar let him set Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye. 

Bingham Normal Summoned Snake-Eye Oak and then activated his Set Original Sinful Spoils, sending his Oak to the Graveyard to Special Summon Legendary Fire King Ponix. Bingham activated Ponix’s effect and added Fire King Sanctuary from his Deck to his hand. He activated Sanctuary and put Fire King Island onto the field. Bingham then activated Island’s effect and destroyed Ponix to add Sacred Fire King Garunix to his hand and he activated both of Garunix’s effects in separate Chains. Garunix Special Summoned itself and then destroyed a Fire King High Avatar Kirin in his Deck. He used Kirin’s effect and Special Summoned Ponix and destroyed Carter’s face-down Absolute Powerforce

Thaddeus Bingham

Bingham then used the Graveyard effect of WANTED and put Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye back into his Deck to draw 1 card. He Link Summoned Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze with his 2 Fire Kings and Special Summoned Soul Resonator. Then, Bingham Link Summoned Promethean Princess, Bestower of Flames. Bingham then activated Promethean’s effect to Special Summon his Snake-Eye Oak and he activated his Oak’s effect to Special Summon his Ponix from the Graveyard. He then used Snake-Eye Oak’s effect and sent Oak and Sanctuary to the Graveyard to Special Summon Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon. He Link Summoned Salamangreat Raging Phoenix with Ponix and Promethean Princess, then Link Summoned Worldsea Dragon Zealantis

Bingham continued his combo by activating the effect of Worldsea Dragon Zealantis to banish everything and then Special Summon it all back. When Carter’s Diabellstar was resummoned, Bingham activated his Promethean Princess in the Graveyard and targeted his Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon and Carter’s Diabellstar. Carter Chained Diabellstar’s effect and Set Original Sinful Spoils. Then both Flamberge and Diabellstar were destroyed.

In a new Chain, Bingham activated the effects of both Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon and Salamangreat Raging Phoenix and Special Summoned Snake-Eye Oak, Legendary Fire King Ponix, and Raging Phoenix. Carter brought back his Diabellstar by sending Branded Regained from his hand to the Graveyard.

Bingham went to his Battle Phase and activated Worldsea Dragon Zealantis’ effect and destroyed everything left on Carter’s field. There was enough ATK on the field to wipe out his Life Points!

Fire King Snake-Eye makes a Powerful Board!

In one combo-filled turn, Bingham takes the first Duel!

Duel Two

Carter chose to start off the second Duel. Carter opened with Jet Synchron, 2 Crimson Resonator, Kashtira Fenrir, and Crimson Gaia

Anthony Carter

He started the Duel off with the activation of Crimson Gaia. He used the effect of his Spell Card and added Soul Resonator from his Deck to his hand. Carter then Special Summoned Kashtira Fenrir and Normal Summoned Jet Synchron. He then sent both monsters to the Graveyard to Synchro Summon Scarred Dragon Archfiend

Since he controlled a Level 5 or higher DARK Monster, Carter Special Summoned Vision Resonator, and then Synchro Summoned Bystial Dis Pater. He activated the effects of Vision and Scarred in his Graveyard. He Special Summoned Red Dragon Archfiend from his Extra Deck and added Red Zone from his Deck to his hand with Vision Resonator’s effect.

Carter discarded his Soul Resonator to activate and Special Summon back Jet Synchron. Jet and Red Dragon were used to make Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss! He set Red Zone and ended his turn.

Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss and Bystial Dis Pater make an appearance!

Bingham drew for his turn and went straight into his Main Phase. He activated Bonfire. Carter Chained with the effect of his Hot Red Dragon to negate Bonfire. Bingham then Normal Summoned Snake-Eyes Poplar and activated its effect. He added Divine Temple of the Snake-Eye from his Deck and activated it to place Snake-Eye Ash in his Spell & Trap Zone. Bingham sent Snake-Eye Oak from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon Diabellstar the Black Witch from his hand. 

Bingham tried to activate Diabellstar’s effect and Carter Chained the effect of his Bystial Dis Pater and destroyed Diabellstar. Diabellstar’s effect Set Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye. Crimson Gaia’s effect triggered and let Carter Special Summon back Scarred Dragon Archfiend. Since Carter Summoned, Bingham activated Divine Temple’s effect and Special Summoned his Snake-Eye Ash! He used Ash’s effect to add Poplar from his Deck to his hand, Poplar was summoned by its own effect. 

He linked a Poplar and his Ash away for Knightmare Phoenix. He activated Knightmare Phoenix by discarding Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon and targeted Carter’s Set Red Zone, then he Chained Poplar’s effect to place itself as a Continuous Spell. Carter Chained his Red Zone and targeted the Set Original Sinful Spoils. Red Zone destroyed Original, Phoenix destroyed Red Zone, and Poplar hit the Spell & Trap Zone. 

In a new Chain, Flamberge activated and Special Summoned back Snake-Eye Ash and Oak. Oak and Phoenix were used to Link Summon Promethean Princess, Bestower of Flames. Bingham activated Princess’s effect and Special Summoned back Flamberge. Bingham activated Flamberge’s effect to make Scarred Dragon Archfiend a Continuous Spell. Then, he Link Summoned Salamangreat Raging Phoenix using Ash and Promethean Princess. He turned Raging Phoenix into Worldsea Dragon Zealantis.

Bingham activated his Zealantis’ effect to banish everything. He Special Summoned back everything with Carter’s Hot Red and Dis Pater coming back face-down. Bingham activated Promethean Princess, Bestower of Flames’s effect targeting the Set Hot Red and his Poplar. He destroyed both and Summoning back his Promethean Princess. Then he activated his Raging Phoenix’s effect in the Graveyard.

During Battle Phase, Bingham used Zealantis’ effect to destroy Dis Pater and Crimson Gaia and that was it! With an empty field, Carter offered the handshake!

This endboard looks pretty similar…

Thaddeus Bingham is now 4-0 with his Fire King Snake-Eye Deck!