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Saturday Speed Duel ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Feature Match: Dakota Childers vs. Jordan Farris

April 20th, 2024

Just like with Advanced Constructed, Speed Duel also has an ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Event at every YCS. We are now in the finals of Saturday’s Speed Duel Giant Card Event. Our two finalists are Jordan Farris, Elkmont, AL, and Dakota Childers, from Rock Hill, SC. 37 Speed Duelists participated in today’s Giant Card event and we are down to the final 2. Let’s see what happens…

Farris is using a Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight deck, with Mai Valentine’s Battle City Siren Skill. Childers is using a Dyna Tank Deck with Sartorius’ Destructive Fate Skill. 

Duel One

Farris won the dice roll and opted to go second. Farris opened Drillroid, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, Shield Crush, and Widespread Ruin.

Childers activated his Skill Card, Destructive Fate, at the start of the Duel. He ended his turn without playing anything.

Farris drew Black Metal Dragon for his turn. He went to the Main Phase and Normal Summoned Drillroid, Set both Shield Crush and Widespread Ruin, and then attacked directly with Drillroid. He passed his turn.

Childers drew for his turn. He activated Cup of Ace, and used Destructive Fate to force the result of the coin flip to be heads! He drew 2 cards and then activated Night Beam and destroyed Farris’ Set Shield Crush! He then Normal Summoned Twin-Barrel Dragon. He activated its effect and used Destructive Fate again to force the coin flip to heads!

Drillroid was destroyed, then Childers Special Summoned Dyna Base from his hand! He activated its effect and Fusion Summoned Dyna Tank using Dogoran the Mad Flame Kaiju! He attacked with both! Widespread Ruin destroyed Dyna Tank and Childers used its effect to bring back Dogoran! Dogoran attacked directly to close out the first Duel!

It is rare to attack with your own Kaiju.

Duel Two

Farris opted to go second again. He opened Red-Eyes Baby Dragon, Offerings to the Doomed, Blast with Chain, and Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight. They both gave each other a fist bump of sportsmanship before starting. 

Childers activated his Skill Card: Destructive Fate. Childers just ended his turn without doing anything.

Dakota Childers, not even needing to play any cards on his first turn!

Farris drew a second copy of Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight, he Normal Summoned it, then Set Offerings to the Doomed and Blast with Chain

Farris attacked directly with Gearfried and then ended his turn.

Childers drew for his turn. He Normal Summoned Twin-Barrel Dragon, but it was immediately met with Farris’ Offerings to the Doomed

Farris didn’t realize that Twin-Barrel Dragon activates when it is Normal Summoned! Childers targeted the Set Blast with Chain. Both Twin-Barrel and Blast with Chain were destroyed.

Childers then Tributed Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight for Dogoran and then Special Summoned another Dogoran to his own field! He set one card, then moved to his Battle Phase.

Childers crashed the two Dogorans into each other and then ended his turn. 

Red-Eyes Baby Dragon in action!

Farris skipped his draw phase and just Normal Summoned and attacked directly with Red-Eyes Baby Dragon to win the second Duel!

Duel Three

Childers opted to go second for the final Duel of the Match. He started the Duel by activating his Skill.

Farris started with 2 Widespread Ruin, Sphere Kuriboh, and Wall of Disruption. He set a Widespread and passed.

Childers drew and activated Night Beam to destroy Widespread Ruin. He Normal Summoned Twin-Barrel Dragon and Set 1 Card. He attacked directly and passed.

Farris drew Blast with Chain. He Set it, the other Widespread Ruin, and Wall of Disruption and then ended his turn.

Childers drew and moved straight into his Battle Phase. He attacked into Farris’ Set Widespread Ruin. He ended his turn.

Farris drew Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight! He Normal Summoned it and attacked directly. He then ended his turn.

Jordan Farris

Childers drew and activated Mystical Space Typhoon; he targeted the Set Wall of Disruption. He then Special Summoned Cyber Dragon! Farris activated Blast With Chain, targeting his Gearfried. Childers Chained Book of Moon to Set Gearfried. He looked at his hand for a few seconds before moving to his Battle Phase and attacking with Cyber Dragon. Farris activated his Sphere Kuriboh to save his Gearfried.

Farris drew Drillroid! He Normal Summoned it, switched Gearfried to Attack Position, and then attacked with Drillroid. Drillroid destroyed Cyber Dragon and then Gearfried attacked directly.

Farris ended his turn at 2300 LP, to Childers’ 400. 

Childers drew for his turn and Tributed Gearfried for Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju. He then Special Summoned Dyna Base and used its effect. He summoned Dyna Tank using a Dogoran from his hand. He attacked Dyna Tank into Dogoran and used Dyna Tank’s effect to bring back Dogoran and attacked into Drillroid.

Farris drew Sphere Kuriboh and ended his turn. 

Childers drew, and Set 1 card, then had Dogoran attack. The attack was stopped by Sphere Kuriboh.

Farris drew and Set Black Metal Dragon.

Childers drew Cup of Ace and activated it! He flipped heads and drew two cards! He drew another Cup of Ace and flipped heads again! He drew two more cards. 

Childers Normal Summoned Twin-Barrel Dragon and flipped 2 more heads! He switched Dogoran back to Attack Position and attacked with both of his monsters to win the Giant Card!

Hitting 4 coin flips in 1 turn!

Dakota Childers just won ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! with his Dyna Tank Destructive Fate Deck!