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Top 32 Feature Match: Evan Palenzuela vs. Sean Kilian

April 21st, 2024

It is time for the Single-Elimination Rounds! We are here in the Top 32 at YCS Raleigh with two Duelists here. Sean Kilian, from New York, is here after finishing 11-0 after the Swiss Rounds. He just won an oversized copy of Anotherverse Gluttonia for finishing the Swiss Rounds undefeated. It is also his first YCS! Evan Palenzuela, from New Jersey, is here and this is his first time making it to the Top Cut at a YCS!

After some friendly discussion, Palenzuela won the dice roll and opted to go first.

Duel One

Both players exchanged a friendly fist bump and drew their starting hands. Kilian started with Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye, Snake-Eyes Poplar, Bonfire, One for One, and Nibiru, the Primal Being.

Palenzuela started the Duel off with Pot of Duality, and he Chained Dimension Shifter! Duality revealed 2 Floowandereeze and the Magnificient Map and a Floowandereeze & Empen. He added a Map, and then activated Map and revealed Floowandereeze & Robina for its effect. 

Sometimes, all you need is Dimension Shifter and a Map

Kilian didn’t even want to play it out and immediately conceded the first Duel!

Duel Two 

Kilian opted to go first. He started with Snake-Eye Oak, Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon, Effect Veiler, Diabellstar the Black Witch, and Droll & Lock Bird

Kilian started off by sending Oak from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon Diabellstar; he activated Diabellstar’s effect and Set Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye. He activated Original Sinful Spoils and Special Summoned Snake-Eye Ash. He added Snake-Eyes Poplar from his Deck to his hand and Special Summoned it. Kilian activated Poplar’s effect to add Divine Temple of the Snake-Eye and activated it. Temple placed Snake-Eye Oak in Kilian’s Spell & Trap Zone. He then sent the Oak to the Graveyard as he activated Snake-Eye Ash’s effect to Special Summon Snake-Eye Flamberge Dragon from his deck. 

First-time YCS attendee, Sean Kilian

He then Link Summoned I:P Masquerena using Poplar and Flamberge Dragon. When I:P was Link Summoned, Kilian activated Poplar and Flamberge Dragon’s effects. Poplar placed Flamberge Dragon in the Spell & Trap Zone and Flamberge Dragon Special Summoned Snake-Eye Oak and Snake-Eyes Poplar from the Graveyard. He then used Oak’s effect to Special Summon back his Snake-Eye Ash.

Kilian Link Summoned Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf using Ash and Poplar, then immediately Link Summoned Decode Talker Heatsoul with Sunlight Wolf and I:P Masquerena. He activated Heatsoul’s effect and drew Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Kilian then activated his Snake-Eye Oak’s effect and sent itself and the back-row Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon for the Flamberge Dragon that he started the Duel with! He activated Flamberge Dragon’s effect to place I:P Masquerena into the Spell & Trap Zone. Then, after establishing an impressive board, Kilian ended his turn.

Palenzuela drew and in the Draw Phase, Kilian activated Heatsoul’s effect and drew Cosmic Cyclone.

Palenzuela activated Pot of Prosperity and banished 6 cards from his Extra Deck. He revealed Floowandereeze & Eglen, Floowandereeze & Robina, Mist Valley Apex Avian, Swallow’s Cowrie, Evenly Matched, and Pot of Duality. He thought for a moment before adding Eglen. When he did, Kilian activated Droll & Lock Bird!

Palenzuela went to end his Main Phase. Kilian used Flamberge Dragon’s effect to Special Summon I:P from his Spell & Trap Zone, and then I:P’s effect to Link Summon S:P Little Knight.

After Link Summoning, Kilian activated Flamberge Dragon’s effect and Special Summoned Snake-Eye Oak and Snake-Eyes Poplar, then used Oak’s effect and added back Snake-Eye Ash. Moving to the Battle Phase, Palenzuela activated Evenly Matched! Kilian chained S:P Little Knight’s effect and banished his Little Knight and Heatsoul. He kept Temple and banished everything else, face-down. 

In the Main Phase 2, Palenzuela activated Triple Tactics Thrust to Set Harpie’s Feather Storm. He then proceeded to Normal Summon Eglen and ended his turn. During the End Phase, Kilian brought back his Decode Talker Heatsoul and S:P Little Knight.

Kilian drew Bonfire, and he proceeded to his Main Phase. Knowing there was a Set Harpie’s Feather Storm on the field, he had to think carefully. He Normal Summoned Snake-Eye Ash and tried to activate its effect but was met with Feather Storm. He chained Heatsoul’s effect and drew a Cosmic Cyclone

Kilian activated the effect of Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye in his Graveyard; he placed Flamberge Dragon on the bottom of his deck to add a Snake-Eye Ash from his Deck to his hand.

He went into the Battle Phase and had Heatsoul attack Eglen, then S:P and Ash attacked directly. Kilian had 5000 Life Points to Palenzuela’s 3000. Kilian set a Cosmic Cyclone and ended his turn.

Palenzuela drew for his turn. Kilian activated Heatsoul and drew another Droll & Lock Bird

In the Main Phase, Palenzuela activated another Triple Tactics Thrust! He chose to add Dark Ruler No More. Kilian activated Droll & Lock Bird after the card was added. Unable to use his Floowandereeze monsters, Palenzuela conceded the second Duel!

Decode Talker Heatsoul continues to boost Kilian’s card advantage!

Both Duelists are just one Duel away from advancing to the Top 16!

Duel Three

Palenzuela opted to go first in the final Duel of the Match. Kilian started the Duel with Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye, two copies of Effect Veiler, WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils, and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

Palenzuela started the Duel off with Dimension Shifter in the Standby Phase. Moving into the Main Phase, he activated Floowandereeze and the Advent of Adventure and banished Floowandereeze & Toucan to add Floowandereeze & Robina

Evan Palenzuela in his first YCS Top 32!

He then Normal Summoned Robina and activated its effect, along with Toccan’s. Palenzuela added Eglen from his Deck to his hand and then Normal Summoned it. Eglen and added Floowandereeze & Empen, and he Tribute Summoned it. He activated Empen and Eglen’s effects, adding Floowandereeze and the Magnificient Map to his hand, then stopped his normal Normal Summons.

He activated Map and its effect, revealing Toccan and banishing an Empen from his Deck. He Normal Summoned Toccan and used its effect to add back his banished Empen. Then, he Tribute Summoned it by Tributing his Toccan and Empen. The new Empen activated along with the banished Robina. Empen added Floowandereeze and the Dreaming Town. He set 2 cards and passed his turn.

Kilian drew Snake-Eye Poplar and went straight to his Main Phase, he Set WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils and Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye and tried to end his turn. Palenzuela activated Dreaming Town to Normal Summon Eglen, he activated its effect along with the banished Toccan and added Raiza the Mega Monarch

Then, Palenzuela Normal Summoned Toccan and used its effect to add back Dreaming Town. He then Tribute Summoned Raiza the Mega Monarch and used its effect to put one of Kilian’s Sets cards and Palenzuela’s own Dimension Shifter back on top of his deck, along with Raiza going back to hand!

Kilian ended his turn still and Palenzuela drew and activated Dimension Shifter again!

Palenzuela activated Map’s effect and revealed Robina from his hand. He banished Floowandereeze & Stri and Normal Summoned Robina. He activated Robina’s effect and Chained Toccan’s effect, adding Eglen and then Normal Summoning it. He activated Eglen and Chained Stri’s effect, Eglen added and Tribute Summoned Mist Valley Apex Avian.

Then, Palenzuela went to his Battle Phase and attacked directly with both of his monsters.

Kilian just drew and re-Set the same card from his previous turn and tried to end his turn.

Palenzuela activated Dreaming Town again and Normal Summoned Toccan. He activated Toccan’s effect and targeted his banished Dreaming Town, then he Chained Eglen’s effect. He added back Dreaming Town and Normal Summoned Elgen and activated its effect, Chaining Robina’s effect as well. He added Empen, and Tribute Summoned it.

He then activated Empen’s effect and added Floowandereeze and the Unexplored Winds, then Tribute Summoned Raiza the Mega Monarch using Empen as the whole Tribute. He used Raiza’s effect and put Shifter back on the top of the deck, along with the card that Kilian just re-Set, and Raiza also returned itself to the hand. Again. 

Kilian continued to end his turn, unable to play anything.

Palenzuela drew for his turn and activated the same Dimension Shifter for the third time! Then he activated Unexplored Winds, went to his Battle Phase, and attacked to win the Match!

Evan Palenzuela moves on to the Top 16!

Evan Palenzuela continues into the Top 16 thanks to the effects of Dimension Shifter and Raiza the Mega Monarch!