Top Tables Update: Round 10

April 21st, 2024

Here’s the Deck breakdown for the top 20 tables in Round 10 of YCS Raleigh!

Snake-Eye Variants continue to dominate the top tables, with 12 Snake-Eye Decks, 7 Fire King Snake-Eye Decks, 5 Kashtira Snake-Eye Decks, and a Scareclaw Snake-Eye Deck at the top 20 tables. Voiceless Voice Decks are still well-represented in the top 20 tables too, with 5 out of 40 Duelists using them. Other interesting Decks at the top 20 tables include Labrynth, Unchained, Runick Plunder Patroll, and Purrely.

Follow the coverage to see which Decks continue to succeed here at YCS Raleigh!