Top Tables Update: Round 5

April 20th, 2024

Here are the top Decks in the competition, in the middle of Round 5 here at YCS Raleigh! These are the Decks that we see taking up spots in the Top 20 tables. 

Snake-Eye and Voiceless Voice are leading the charge here at YCS Raleigh. Combined, they take up more than 40% of the Decks at the top 20 tables! Fire King Snake-Eye makes up 10% to round out more than half of the leading strategies right now. All three Decks have really powerful strategies and the Duelists here at YCS Raleigh are showing just how strong their Decks are!

After Snake-Eye variants and Voiceless Voice, the numbers start to spread a bit as some of the Decks listed above are only being used by singular Duelists here at the top 20 tables. 

Two strategies that received a boost from the recent Forbidden & Limited List: HERO and Thunder Dragon are both still in the competition at the top tables! They’re joined by other powerful strategies like Runick, Kashtira, and Floowandereeze 

We are still in the early rounds of Swiss here at YCS Raleigh, with 11 total rounds of Swiss. Nine of those Swiss rounds are happening today so we’re just about half way through the day!