Top Tables Update: Round 6

April 20th, 2024

Here’s the Deck breakdown for the top 20 tables in Round 6 of YCS Raleigh!

Snake-Eye and Fire King Snake-Eye Decks are leading at the top tables, with 7 Duelists at the top 20 tables piloting each of those two Decks. Kashtira Snake-Eye Decks are enjoying quite a bit of success at the top tables as well, trailing right behind with 6 Duelists piloting it at the top 20 tables. Voiceless Voice is the top non-FIRE strategy at the top tables with 5 out of 40 Duelists at the top 20 tables using the Deck. The numbers fall of from there, with each of the remaining Decks at the top 20 tables being represented by 1 or 2 Duelists using them. Nevertheless, there are a bunch of interesting strategies still remaining at the top tables, including HERO, Thunder Dragon Despia Branded, and Purrely.

Follow the coverage to see which Decks continue to succeed as the tournament progresses!