Top Tables Update: Round 9

April 20th, 2024

We are going into the last round of Swiss for Day 1 here at YCS Raleigh. Looking at the Top 20 tables, here is a breakdown of the 40 decks at the top tables that are still Dueling it out for a spot in the Top 32 tomorrow.

FIRE Decks are still dominating as Snake-Eye builds both with and without Fire King cards take up more than a quarter of the Decks at the top tables of the competition. Trailing behind the Snake-Eye strategies are Floowandereeze, Kashtira Snake-Eye, Runick, and Voiceless Voice. All these powerful decks have been seeing a lot of success here this weekend at YCS Raleigh. 

With just 1 round of Swiss left tonight, the tensions are high as the Duelists are trying to lock in their slots in the single-elimination rounds. The competition is looking like mostly Snake-Eye strategies dominating the event.