Welcome to YCS Raleigh!

April 20th, 2024
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A new Forbidden & Limited List just took effect 5 days ago, and 1843 Duelists have gathered at the Raleigh Convention Center in North Carolina this weekend to test their Deckbuilding and Dueling skills! The latest Advanced Format shake-up brings previously Forbidden cards like Thunder Dragon Colossus and Archnemeses Protos back into the card pool for players to use, while eliminating popular mainstays of the previous Advanced Format, like Baronne de Fleur and Linkuriboh.

Duelists competing in the YCS will need to adjust their Decks for the new Forbidden & Limited List update in order to succeed this weekend, and top Duelists have been strategizing ways to integrate returning cards into their Decks ever since the Forbidden & Limited List update was first announced.

Welcome to the Raleigh Convention Center!

Meanwhile, as Duelists from around the world compete at YCS Raleigh, several Official Tournament Stores around the world are hosting the Legacy of Destruction Premiere! Event, giving Duelists their first chance to access powerful new cards in the upcoming Legacy of Destruction booster set. These cards aren’t legal for tournament play quite yet, but this weekend’s YCS in Raleigh, NC will reveal the current state of the Advanced Format, and guide Duelists in figuring out where the cards from Legacy of Destruction will fit into competitive Dueling.

As the tournament begins, most Duelists are expecting FIRE Decks to dominate the weekend. Snake-Eye Decks, sometimes integrating Fire King monsters, reigned as the top Deck before the latest Forbidden & Limited List took effect. The loss of Linkuriboh, Baronne de Fleur, and Borreload Savage Dragon from these Decks as a result of the latest Forbidden List changes forced many Snake-Eye Duelists to rethink the way they build and pilot their Decks, but most Duelists agree that the versatility of the Snake-Eye cards will allow FIRE fans to adapt and prevail.

Player are finding their seats and shuffling up their Decks. By tomorrow night, a new YCS Champion will be named and the Dueling world will have a clearer view of the impact of the latest Forbidden & Limited List update. Welcome to YCS Raleigh, North Carolina!