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YCS Raleigh Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

April 21st, 2024

The Top 32 has just begun! Check out the Deck breakdown for the remaining Duelists!

Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

Here are the final numbers for the Decks in the Top 32:

10 Snake-Eye Decks
6 Kashtira Snake-Eye Decks
3 Fire King Snake-Eye Decks
3 Runick
2 Voiceless Voice
1 Despia Branded
1 Kashtira
1 Labrynth
1 Runick Plunder Patroll
1 Purrely
1 Scareclaw Snake-Eye
1 Floowandereeze
1 Bystial Branded

FIRE Decks are dominating in the Top Cut, with 20 of the 32 Decks utilizing Snake-Eye cards. There are, however, several variations of FIRE-based strategies present in the Top Cut. Lots of other strategies also made the cut. Some noteworthy Decks that made it into the Top 32 include Runick Plunder Patroll, Bystial Branded, and Labrynth. Overall, 13 different types of Decks still remain in the tournament, and any one of them can win it all.

Follow the coverage to see how the rest of YCS Raleigh unfolds!