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QQ: Favorites from Legacy of Destruction

June 1st, 2024

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Legacy of Destruction has been released for about a month, and players have now had some time to play with the new cards and get a feel for how the new cards can help each of their Decks. 

There are some extremely popular themes introduced in the set, such as Tenpai Dragons and several cards revolving around Shining Sarcophagus, all cards inspired by one of Yugi’s Duels in the original animated series. It also adds support for a ton of different fan-favorite strategies, including Snake-Eye, Melodious, and Lightsworn! 

We asked players what their favorite cards are from Legacy of Destruction, and here’s what they had to say: 

Minerva the Athenian Lightsworn! She made my Lightsworn Deck good again, and I can Summon both the Synchro and Xyz versions of Minerva on the same turn!” – Marcus S.

“I love how good Nightmare Throne made my Yubel Deck. I loved Yubel ever since I saw it in the anime, so I’m glad that I can play it without everyone thinking I’m crazy.” – Cam T.

Tenpai Dragon Paidra, best card for the best Deck.” – Terrence C.

“I don’t know about how good it is, but I really like Gadget Trio because I used to play Gadgets back in the day. Even though it’s not exactly support for Gadgets it’s still cool to see.” – Jesse S.

Moremarshmallon, we need more Marshmallon cards in the game!” – Eric W.

There are a ton of cards that have shaken up the format, and we’ll likely see them at the top tables throughout the weekend. But there are also tons of cards that more casual players and collectors will enjoy as well!