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Round 7 Feature Match: Alexander Smith vs. Daniel Ramirez Medina

June 1st, 2024

Round 7 is underway, and this Feature Match showcases our highest ranked Melodious Duelist thus far, Iowa Duelist Alexander Smith. He’s facing Daniel Ramirez Medina, from Seattle, WA, using a pure Runick Deck. This is a matchup of two Decks using Fusion Monsters, but they couldn’t be more different in execution.

Duel 1

Ramirez Medina started with Runick Destruction to Special Summon Hugin the Runick Wings. He discarded Runick Dispelling, and Smith negated Hugin with Infinite Impermanence. Ramirez Medina Set three back row cards.

Smith had a second Infinite Impermanence, Ostinato, Effect Veiler, and Couplet the Melodious Songstress. He drew Soprano the Melodious Songstress. He played Ostinato, fusing Soprano and Refrain the Melodious Songstress from his Deck into Bacha the Melodious Maestra! He activated Bacha’s effect, and Ramirez Medina paid 1000 Life Points to activate Skill Drain. Smith played Couplet in his Pendulum Zone and tried using its effect, and Ramirez Medina flipped Runick Destruction to destroy Couplet in response. Smith’s Deck wasn’t equipped to deal with a Main Deck Skill Drain, and he decided to conserve time by conceding the first Duel.

Duel 2

Smith played first this time, beginning with a hand of Melodious Concerto, 1st Movement Solo, Couplet, Refrain, and Soprano. He started with 1st Movement Solo to Special Summon Aria the Melodious Diva. He Normal Summoned Refrain, using it to add Couplet to his hand. He triggered Couplet in his hand, which Special Summoned Soprano. He placed Couplet in his Pendulum Zone and added another Melodious Concerto to his hand. He activated it, fusing Couplet and Refrain into Bacha. Couplet and Refrain returned to the field in the Pendulum Zones, and Bacha Special Summoned Shopina the Melodious Maestra. He used Soprano’s effect, fusing it with Shopina and Bacha for Flowering Etoile the Melodious Magnificat! Concerto activated in the Graveyard, returning to the Deck to let him draw Pot of Desires, and Bacha returned Shopina to the field. He played Desires to draw Cosmic Cyclone and Effect Veiler. Shopina returned Soprano to his hand, and he Pendulum Summoned Soprano. He fused Soprano and Shopina into Schuberta the Melodious Maestra, and finally Set Cosmic Cyclone. He passed with all his monsters in Defense Position.

Daniel Ramirez Medina

Ramirez Medina Tribute Summoned The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode, clearing out Smith’s field! Flowering Etoile’s effect let Smith Special Summon a new Bacha in its place. Bacha Special Summoned Refrain from the Deck in Defense Position, which added Soprano to Smith’s hand. Ramirez Medina played Pot of Duality, revealing Runick Flashing Fire, Runick Dispelling, and Skill Drain. He took the Skill Drain, then Set four back row cards.

Smith drew Sonata. He used Refrain and Bacha to Link Summon S:P Little Knight. Its effect targeted one of Ramirez Medina’s face-down cards, and Bacha’s Graveyard effect activated targeting Flowering Etoile. Ramirez Medina flipped his the card targeted by Little Knight: Runick Golden Droplet, to Special Summon from the Extra Deck. Then, he Chained Skill Drain. The Chain resolved and Ramirez Medina Special Summoned Geri the Runick Fangs, and Skill Drain negated Little Knight’s effect. Finally, Bacha revived Flowering Etoile. Smith then Pendulum Summoned Soprano and Sonata. He played Melodious Concerto, fusing Refrain and Couplet from his Pendulum Zones into Schuberta. Couplet and Refrain returned to the Pendulum Zones. He moved to the Battle Phase, and Ramirez Medina flipped Synchro Zone. Smith activated Flowering Etoile, then Chained Cosmic Cyclone to banish Skill Drain. Etoile banished itself and Sonata, clearing Geri and Synchro Zone off the field. Since S:P Little Knight was negated earlier, Smith was still able to attack directly. He attacked with Soprano, Little Knight, and Schuberta. On the last attack, Ramirez Medina flipped Runick Slumber to Special Summon a new Geri. Smith did not redeclare his attack with Schuberta. In Main Phase 2 he used Sphere Mode to Tribute Summon Couplet. He used Soprano’s effect, fusing it with Couplet for another Bacha, which Special Summoned Sonata. In the End Phase, Flowering Etoile and the previous Sonata returned to the field.

Ramirez Medina played Pot of Duality, revealing Runick Freezing Curses, Skill Drain, and another Sphere Mode. He took Skill Drain. Smith used Flowering Etoile to banish his field, and Chained Schuberta to banish three cards from Ramirez Medina’s Graveyard. Etoile resolved, removing three monsters from his field to bounce away Geri. That left him with only two monsters, avoiding another Sphere Mode. Ramirez Medina Set his hand of three cards to his back row.

Smith drew Ostinato. In the Draw Phase, Ramirez Medina used Runick Flashing Fire on Flowering Etoile. Smith used its effect to banish it in response. Upon resolution, Ramirez Medina flipped Skill Drain. Smith Chained S:P Little Knight to banish itself and one Sonata until the End Phase, playing around potential tricks – he didn’t need to deal much damage here. Smith used his remaining Sonata and Bacha to Link Summon Protector of The Agents – Moon. Bacha revived Aria. Couplet’s Pendulum Effect put Melodious Concerto in his hand, and he used it for another Bacha. Now with Skill Drain face-up, Smith knew the last remaining card had to be Synchro Zone. He Tributed Moon for its effect to destroy Synchro Zone, and attacked with his Fusion Monsters to end the Duel!

Duel 3

Ramirez Medina began the final Duel with Runick Tip, adding Runick Fountain to his hand and banishing an Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring from Smith’s Deck. He played Fountain, then Slumber to Special Summon Hugin. He used Hugin’s effect, discarding Runick Destruction, and Smith negated it with Infinite Impermanence. Fountain’s effect still let Ramirez Medina draw two cards by recycling his first Runick Spells. He Set two back row cards.

Smith had a hand of Canon the Melodious Diva, Concerto, and two copies of Pot of Desires. He drew a new Infinite Impermanence. He played Pot of Desires, drawing Ostinato and Couplet. He played Ostinato to fuse Refrain and Soprano into Bacha. Bacha was hit by Freezing Curses from Ramirez Medina’s hand, which also banished a precious Cosmic Cyclone from Smith’s Deck. Ramirez Medina used Fountain to draw another two cards. Smith played Couplet in his Pendulum Zone, then used Concerto. He fused Bacha and Couplet with Canon from his hand into Flowering Etoile. Couplet returned to the Pendulum Zone and Bacha Special Summoned Refrain from the Graveyard. Refrain added a new Couplet to Smith’s hand, and its effect then Special Summoned Soprano, which returned Canon. He used Soprano to fuse itself with Refrain into Schuberta, and Refrain went to the Pendulum Zone. He Special Summoned Canon. At the start of the Battle Phase, Ramirez Medina flipped Synchro Zone. Smith responded with Flowering Etoile, and Ramirez Medina finally flipped his last card: Skill Drain! Smith was left unable to attack, and passed the turn.

Ramirez Medina played Card Scanner, using it on Spells. Ramirez Medina added Freezing Curses to his hand, and Smith added Concerto to his hand. Ramirez Medina used Duality, putting Flashing Fire in his hand. He Set one back row card.

Smith drew Evenly Matched. He Set it. In the End Phase, Ramirez Medina used Slumber to banish a few cards from Smith’s Deck and draw a new one with Fountain.

Ramirez Medina used Scanner to get Slumber in his hand. He played Duality to add Tip to the hand. He used that to get Smiting Storm. Smith was down to just nine cards in the Deck. With Smiting Storm and Slumber, he banished the last of Smith’s Deck!

 Daniel Ramirez Medina takes the Match with Runicks!