Top Tables Update: Round 10

June 2nd, 2024

Day 2 of YCS Indianapolis is about to begin! Here are the Decks at the top tables as we head into Round 10.

Snake-Eye Decks remain the Deck to beat! There are twenty pure Snake-Eye Decks, taking up about half of the top tables as of now. While these Decks have adapted over time, they’re still the same overall strategy we’ve seen from Snake-Eyes in competition lately, focused heavily on Link Summons to control the Duel. Snake-Eye hybrid Decks are also doing well, using the best of the Snake-Eye engine supplemented by Kashtira, Melodious, or Fire Kings.

The next most popular strategy is Tenpai Dragons, which was very highly anticipated with the release of Legacy of Destruction. The ability to pull a win out of seemingly nowhere makes this very appealing!

Voiceless Voice and Runick Stun are two control Decks, though that’s where the similarities end. Voiceless Voice want to control the Duel with various Ritual Monsters, then win with battle damage. Runick, on the other hand, aim to grind the Duel to a halt and banish their opponent’s Deck with their many Runick spells.

Finally, we have one Floowandereeze Deck and one Labrynth Deck hanging out at the top tables. Even with just one representative, these Decks are perfectly capable of victory, as shown by Jack Zhou’s second place finish at YCS Raleigh, despite being the only Labrynth Duelist in the Top 32.