Top Tables Update: Round 7

June 1st, 2024

Here are the Decks at the top 20 tables in Round 7 of YCS Indianapolis!

Top Table Update: Round 7

Snake-Eye Decks lead once again, with 15 Snake-Eye Decks, plus additional variants of Snake-Eye Decks, sitting at the top 20 tables. Voiceless Voice and Tenpai Dragon Decks trail behind the Snake-Eye Decks with four Duelists using each of these two Deck types at the top 20 tables in Round 7. Lots of other interesting Decks are still at the top tables too, including Vanquish Soul, Melodious, Centur-Ion, Dinomorphia, and Lightsworn Horus. Follow the coverage to see which of these Decks continue to prevail as YCS Indianapolis continues!