The Great Toon Offensive!

July 1st, 2015

Last time around we introduced Toon Kingdom, a powerful new version of Toon World. We talked about how Toon Kingdom protects your Toon monsters and lets you use special effects, and we said that protecting Toon Kingdom helps keep your Toons around so you can make Duel-winning attacks. We noted a few ways to protect it, and also said that the faster you win, the less you have to worry about keeping Toon Kingdom on the field.

So, how do you amp up the pressure and win with Toons fast? Starting with the right Toons is the first part of the puzzle. Read more…

You Came to the Wrong Kingdom, Kaiba-boy!

June 30th, 2015

Toons have been at the top of many Duelists’ most-wanted lists for the better part of a decade, and now thanks to Dragons of Legend 2, the Pegasus pipedream is finally coming true! The Dragons of Legend sequel delivers no fewer than eight new cards for Toon fans, redefining Toon World and bringing new monsters, Spells, and Trap Cards for the theme. If you saw it in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV show (or even in the Duel between Pegasus and Marik this past weekend at the North American WCQ!) and wanted it for yourself, it’s probably here, as your favorite Toon cards are finally breaking through into reality.

We’ll talk about the new material across three massive articles, and today we’ll start at the new beginning: Toon Kingdom. A powerful replacement for Toon World, it’s a new Field Spell that counts as “Toon World” while it’s active. It’s easier to activate, and solves some of the key challenges that have plagued Toons for years. Read more…

Crossed Souls Advance Edition launches this Friday!

June 30th, 2015

Over the past weekend you got a glimpse of the future when Pegasus himself played cards from the upcoming Dragons of Legend 2 and Clash of Rebellions booster sets! We’ll talk more about all the cool new Toon cards from Dragons of Legend 2 throughout the week, but right now, it’s time to reveal the two cards from August’s Clash of Rebellions that will travel back in time to this Friday when Crossed Souls Advance Edition hits the shelves! Read more…

North American World Championship Qualifier Livestream!

June 25th, 2015

This weekend’s North American World Championship Qualifier will be broadcast live around the world, both on YouTube and on You can tune in starting at 10:00AM CST on June 27th for coverage of Day 1, and at 9:00AM CST on June 28th for coverage of Day 2 of the tournament. You’ll be able to find the broadcast at either of the following links:


We hope you’ll join us for the ultimate showdown that will decide who represents North America at this year’s World Championship in Kyoto, Japan!

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Yang Zing in Regional and National competition.

June 24th, 2015

Jerome breaks down the defense-oriented Yang Zing strategy that saw play during the last Regional and National season.

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