Wing Raiders – Maximum Power Xyz Monster Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus Takes Off!

February 12th, 2016

Before you head off to check out the launch of Wing Raiders, we have one more new Xyz Summoning strategy to look at! The Super Quantum theme takes inspiration from one of the all-time great anime traditions: big robots that combine to form giant robots!

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Wing Raiders – It’s a Bird AND a Plane

February 10th, 2016

Raidraptors have been around for more than a year now, but as the namesake of Wing Raiders, they’re about to get a whole flock of new cards that’ll let you hatch even more ingenious plots and maneuvers than ever before! Read more…

Adjustment to Forbidden & Limited Cards List, plus 1 Errata

February 3rd, 2016

Here’s some important news regarding the Forbidden & Limited Cards List used for high-level tournaments!

We constantly monitor the Decks and cards used at sanctioned events of all levels, from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series all the way down to local tournaments. Some cards and Decks are always doing better than others, and that’s okay. But we need to make sure that no Deck becomes so powerful that it drowns out the others, because you, the Duelists, have always told us that you like to have a wide variety of Decks show up at your tournaments.

There’s a lot of buzz these days about the Performapal/Performage Decks that have been growing in strength. And while we always expected this deck to be very strong (or even the strongest), it’s strangling some of the other competitive Decks right now, and we’re going to take steps to even things out a little bit.

At the same time, we don’t want to perform a knee-jerk reaction on the Forbidden & Limited Cards List, because that list isn’t just for high-end tournament play, but also for when Duelists play at their friend’s house, at school, or wherever their Dueling might take them.

So what we’re going to do is implement a new idea called the Adjusted List. The Adjusted List places additional restrictions on certain cards, but only for certain sanctioned events. Read more…

Wing Raiders – Beyond the Grave

February 2nd, 2016

The Phantom Knights of Break Sword is a fantastic monster for any Deck that can field a Rank 3 Xyz Monster, but it’s also the lynchpin Xyz Monster for the Phantom Knights Deck. The Phantom Knights are a new theme where every card has two abilities: one that you play while the card is in your hand or on the field, and one that you can use while the card is in your Graveyard!

Any discussion of the Phantom Knights needs to start with their Level 3 monsters. Rank 3 Xyz Summons are the backbone of the strategy, and the Level 3 Phantom Knights provide both Summoning speed and card searching power to make sure you start the Duel off on the right foot. Read more…

Wing Raiders – No Break for the Wicked

February 1st, 2016

Before you know it, February 12th will be here and so will Wing Raiders! After Ritual Monsters in The Secret Forces and Synchro Monsters in High-Speed Riders, it’s time for Xyz Monsters to get a turn in the spotlight with their own dedicated booster! One of the most popular things about Xyz Monsters is that you can make them out of pretty much any 2 monsters as long as their Levels match. Rank 4 monsters have been the most popular for a while, but you’ll have to take a really close look at Rank 3 monsters when you see The Phantom Knights of Break Sword! Read more…