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Frequently Asked Questions About Yesterday’s Article

January 4th, 2017

The responses to yesterday’s article have been quite interesting! Many Duelists have been tirelessly trying to figure out what kind of card I could possibly be referring to, others are convinced they already know the answer, some are in this weird Emperor’s New Clothes situation where they’re absolutely convinced they see a picture, and more than a couple think I’ve entirely lost leave of my senses. I’m glad everyone is having fun discussing, but there are a few very common misconceptions that I’d like to clear up before they go too far. As such, I’ve made this handy FAQ about yesterday’s article to help you organize your thoughts and focus your creative energies in the right direction. Read more…

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A Belated Holiday Gift to All Duelists

January 3rd, 2017

Happy New Year to all you Duelists out there! I hope everyone enjoyed their time off from school or work and had a lot of fun with their friends and family over the past few weeks. I know I did! 2017 is a huge blank slate just waiting for us all to make our mark on it, and thinking about that gave me the perfect idea for a (belated) holiday gift for you all: the effect text of one of the strongest monsters we’ll release all year. If you wish to remain spoiler free, turn back now. Otherwise, hit read more to find out what it does! Read more…

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Legendary Decks II: Never Tell Me the Odds

September 27th, 2016

Legendary Decks II is almost here! This box set represents a monumental team effort spanning 3 different continents, and I’m excited to finally see it as a real, physical object for the first time! Today’s subject is the part of Legendary Decks II that I personally spent the most time working on: the Joey + Red-Eyes Deck.
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The Dark Illusion: Subterrors and SPYRAL Debut at SDCC!

July 21st, 2016

If you were lucky enough to make it down to San Diego Comic-Con this year then you might already be aware that you can check out the entirety of The Dark Illusion at the Konami booth right now! If not, don’t worry too much because I’ve got the hook up for you on the brand new World Premiere themes being shown at the booth! Read more…

More Than Meets the Eyes of Blue

June 1st, 2016

It might surprise you to know that in a set packed with powerhouse monsters and supercharged Spell and Trap Cards, my favorite cards from Shining Victories are Mausoleum of White and Sage with Eyes of Blue. As you may have seen in our primer for building a Blue-Eyes White Dragon Deck, those two cards are incredibly valuable to the Blue-Eyes strategy, but that’s not the only place they can shine! Head on over to the Card Database and run a search for Level 1 LIGHT Tuners (put a 1 in both Level/Rank boxes, then click LIGHT and Tuner), and you’ll see what I mean. Read more…