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Clash of Rebellions: Last of the Infernoids

August 31st, 2015

Infernoids have been lurking in the shadows for half a year now, debuting in Secrets of Eternity and slinking forth at random to take a handful of big tournament showings. With the powerful ability to banish their own from the Graveyard for big Special Summons, they wield deadly effects that command the field and strip your opponent’s Graveyard. But even when they made a dominant showing, they always retreated into obscurity afterwards, often for weeks at a time.

Clash of Rebellions changes all that, and it’s finally time for this deadly family of FIRE Fiends to burn bright! Read more…

Clash of Rebellions: Gem-Knights Shine On!

July 30th, 2015

The Gem-Knight monsters are an aggressive Fusion strategy that revolves around Gem-Knight Fusion. It’s a Spell Card that lets you fuse Gem-Knights over and over, because when it’s in your Graveyard you can banish any Gem-Knight monster to return it to your hand. For nearly four years we’ve seen more and more Gem-Knights join the fray, but the Deck often fell short of the big crazy wins Gem-Knight fans wanted. Victory was often just one more card away.

Clash of Rebellions changes that, introducing new support that makes it easy to find the right Gem-Knights at the right time, plus two new Fusion Spells that make it even easier to unleash the best Gem-Knight Fusions! It all starts with a new boss monster: Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond. Read more…

Clash of Rebellions: Archfiend Eccentrick

July 24th, 2015

Qliphorts made Pendulum Summoning a huge factor in tournament-level Dueling, but ever since the Pendulum mechanic was introduced, Pendulum Monsters have belonged to specialized strategies. If you wanted to run Pendulums you had to build your whole Deck around them. Crossed Souls shook that up a bit, introducing “Zefra” Pendulum Monsters for Decks like Yang Zings and ‘tellarknights, but the Zefra were still geared toward very specific themes.

Clash of Rebellions changes all that by introducing the first truly awesome, theme-independent Pendulum Monster! Archfiend Eccentrick is a Level 3 LIGHT Fiend that clocks in at Pendulum Scale 7, and its two abilities make it useful in virtually anywhere. Why? Because it’s two strong, basic cards in one… Read more…

The Great Toon Defensive!

July 7th, 2015

Since long before Dragons of Legend 2, Toons have been all about aggression. Now, three new cards help you protect your Toons and yourself, on top of the anti-destruction effect of Toon Kingdom. Read more…

The Great Toon Offensive!

July 1st, 2015

Last time around we introduced Toon Kingdom, a powerful new version of Toon World. We talked about how Toon Kingdom protects your Toon monsters and lets you use special effects, and we said that protecting Toon Kingdom helps keep your Toons around so you can make Duel-winning attacks. We noted a few ways to protect it, and also said that the faster you win, the less you have to worry about keeping Toon Kingdom on the field.

So, how do you amp up the pressure and win with Toons fast? Starting with the right Toons is the first part of the puzzle. Read more…