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Advanced Link Monster Tactics: What Does “Extra Linked” Mean?

August 25th, 2017

In this video, it’s mentioned that there’s a way that you can make use of both Extra Monster Zones. Now that you’ve had a month to play with the basics of Link Monsters, it’s time to talk about an advanced strategy that only becomes available when using lots of Link Monsters. Before we can get to that though, we need to know what it means for Link Monsters to be “Extra Linked”! Read more…

Decks You Can Incorporate The Invoked Into

February 24th, 2017

The new Invoked monsters in Fusion Enforcers are easy to include in all sorts of different Decks. Just throw some copies of Aleister the Invoker, Magical Meltdown, and Invocation into your Main Deck, add a bunch of Invoked monsters to your Extra Deck, and you’ll be all set to start Fusion Summoning monsters no matter what Deck you’re playing! Today we’ll take a look at some of the Decks that you can incorporate the Invoked monsters into in order to Fusion Summon powerful new monsters!




Shaddoll Decks, HERO Decks, Fluffal Decks, and other Decks that Fusion Summon Monsters

You can use Invocation to combine just about anything with Aleister the Invoker and then Fusion Summon an “Invoked” Fusion Monster. When you do, you can use monsters on the field or in either Duelist’s Graveyard as Fusion Materials simply by banishing them from the Duel. You can also use the cards in your hand as Fusion Materials by sending them to the Graveyard.

Invocation is extra versatile in Decks that aim to Fusion Summon other types of monsters. That’s because Invocation functions as a simple Polymerization when you want to combine monsters in your hand to Fusion Summon a monster that isn’t an Invoked monster. Shaddoll Decks, HERO Decks, and Fluffal Decks have access to powerful Fusion Monsters like El Shaddoll Shekhinaga, Elemental HERO Absolute Zero, and Frightfur Tiger. Invocation lets you Special Summon any one of them by fusing monsters in your hand.




Invocation will not only expand the scope of these Decks by giving them access to the Invoked monsters, but it’ll also provide more opportunities to Fusion Summon monsters that currently are and always have been heavy hitters.



Lightsworn Decks and other Decks that send cards from the Deck to the Graveyard

Invocation lets you banish Fusion Materials from your Graveyard to Summon the Invoked monsters, giving it a natural synergy with Decks that load the Graveyard with monsters. In addition, Invocation has an effect that can activate when it’s in the Graveyard, allowing you to add Aleister the Invoker back to your hand.

Since Lightsworn Decks and other Decks that use Lightsworn monsters can generally send cards from the Deck to the Graveyard with ease, those Decks can quickly throw Aleister into the Graveyard. Once it’s there, you can use Invocation to banish it alongside another Fusion Material and Summon your Invoked monster of choice. If you manage to send Invocation from your Deck to your Graveyard with the effect of a Lightsworn monster, you can shuffle Invocation from your Graveyard back into your Deck to add a banished Aleister back to your hand.

Since all of the Lightsworn monsters are LIGHT-Attribute monster, when you fuse Aleister with a Lightsworn monster, you can Summon Invoked Mechaba.




Mechaba lets you negate the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or monster effect – and banish the card whose activation is negated – by sending a card with the same type from your hand to the Graveyard. Once you Summon Invoked Mechaba, you can make your other plays under the safety of Mechaba’s effect.


Kaijus and other Decks that use monsters with various Attributes

The potential of Aleister the Invoker is only limited by the Attributes of the monsters with which you can fuse him. If you use monsters with all six Attributes in your Deck, Aleister the Invoker will make it possible for you to Summon all of Invoked Fusion Monsters. Some monster themes – like Kaijus, for instance – have at least one monster in each of the six main Attributes. Aleister the Invoker and Invocation shine in these types of Decks, because it’s where they’re most powerful.


WATER Decks, WIND Decks, and other Decks that mainly use monsters with one Attribute

Aleister the Invoker may be strongest in Decks with monsters that span across several Attributes, but using Invoked monsters with all different Attributes will take up a lot of Extra Deck space that you might not be able to spare. You only get to use 15 cards in your Extra Deck, and it’s sometimes tough to select which cards deserve a spot. That’s why you may find that Aleister works best in Decks that focus on monsters of a single Attribute.

WATER Decks featuring Mermail and Atlantean monsters, for instance, can use Aleister the Invoker and Invocation to Fusion Summon Invoked Cocytus without dedicating too many Extra Deck slots to the Invoked Monsters.




Cocytus has 1800 ATK, 2900 DEF, can attack from Defense Position, and can’t be targeted or destroyed by your opponent’s card effects.

WIND Decks featuring Harpie Lady cards can use Aleister the Invoker and Invocation to Fusion Summon Invoked Raidjin.




Raidjin has 2200 ATK, 2400 DEF, and an incredible effect that lets you target a face-up monster on the field and put it face-down once per turn, during either player’s turn. You can use Raidjin’s effect offensively to overcome your opponent’s high ATK monsters, or defensively to disrupt your opponent’s plays by putting your opponent’s monsters face-down.

Using Aleister the Invoker in a single-Attribute Deck will let you reliably Fusion Summon a specific Invoked boss monster with ease, without dedicating too much of your Extra Deck space to your Invoked monsters.

Don’t forget that Invocation can also banish monsters from your opponent’s Graveyard to use them as Fusion Materials. That means you may build your Deck to Fusion Summon one Invoked monster, but find yourself with access to an Invoked monster of a different Attribute at some point in a Duel. That versatility is what makes the Invoked theme so powerful, and might make it worthwhile to use Invoked monsters of various Attributes in your Extra Deck, even if your Main Deck is focused on monsters of a specific Attribute.

You can include Aleister the Invoker, Magical Meltdown, Invocation, and the new Invoked Fusion Monsters in just about any of your Decks. Using that suite of cards will give you easy access to a powerful boss monster that you can Special Summon, no matter what type of Deck you’re playing. You can incorporate the Invoked cards into your Deck and try it out for yourself when Fusion Enforcers launches on February 24th!

How Do The Invoked Work?

February 24th, 2017

The upcoming Fusion Enforcers booster set contains lots of cool Fusion strategies for Duelists to explore. Each of those strategies is powerful and unique. The Invoked theme is so unique that it isn’t even a Deck theme – it’s an Extra Deck theme! The only monster you have to put in your Main Deck to play with the Invoked monsters is the common Fusion Material to all of them: Aleister the Invoker.




 Aleister the Invoker is a Level 4 DARK Spellcaster that is required to Summon (or “invoke”) all of the “Invoked” Fusion Monsters. Aleister can fuse with a monster of any Attribute to Summon an “Invoked” Fusion Monster specific to the Attribute of the monster with which it fused.

Fuse Aleister the Invoker with a DARK monster to Summon Invoked Caliga.




Fuse Aleister the Invoker with a WIND monster to Summon Invoked Raidjin.




Fuse Aleister the Invoker with a WATER monster to Summon Invoked Cocytus.




Fuse Aleister the Invoker with a FIRE monster to Summon Invoked Purgatrio.




Fuse Aleister the Invoker with an EARTH monster to Summon Invoked Magellanica.




Fuse Aleister the Invoker with a LIGHT monster to Summon Invoked Mechaba.




If you fuse an Invoked monster with another monster that was Summoned from the Extra Deck, you can Fusion Summon the ultimate Invoked monster, Invoked Elysium.




Aleister is not only a critical element for every Fusion Summon of an “Invoked” monster, but it also has an incredible effect that pulls together the Invoked theme. First, during either player’s turn, you can send Aleister from your hand to the Graveyard to increase the ATK and DEF of a Fusion Monster you control by 1000 until the end of the turn. This will help your Invoked monsters win battles or give your Invoked monsters to push they need to finish off your opponent. Second, if Aleister the Invoker is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up, you can add one Invocation from your Deck to your hand.


Invocation is a Normal Spell Card that works as a Fusion facilitator for the Invoked theme. Invocation lets you Fusion Summon an “Invoked” Fusion Monster by banishing monsters from your field and/or either player’s Graveyard as Fusion Materials. It’s a lot like Miracle Fusion for the Invoked, but also grants you access to your opponent’s Graveyard to look for Fusion Materials. For added versatility, Invocation also lets you use the monsters in your hand as Fusion Materials to Fusion Summon a monster, if the need arises.

As an added bonus, if Invocation is in your Graveyard, you can shuffle it from your Graveyard back into your Deck to add a banished Aleister the Invoker to your hand. By repeatedly recycling Aleister the Invoker and Invocation, you’ll never run out of opportunities to Fusion Summon Invoked monsters.




Aleister the Invoker, Invocation, and the Invoked Fusion Monsters are all you really need to effectively use the new “Invoked” engine in your Deck. Nevertheless, Fusion Enforcers also contains three more powerful cards that give the Invoked theme a boost.

Magical Meltdown is a Field Spell Card that lets you add Aleister the Invoker to your hand when you activate it. While it’s on the field, Magical Meltdown protects your Fusion Summons by preventing cards from negating the effects or activations of your cards that Fusion Summon, and by stopping your opponent’s cards and effects from activating when you Fusion Summon a monster




The Book of the Law is a Quick-Play Spell Card that lets you Tribute an Invoked monster to Special Summon an Invoked monster from your Extra Deck with a different original Attribute than the Tributed monster’s Attribute. You can use The Book of the Law to swap whichever Invoked monster you have on the field with the Invoked monster that you need most for the current situation.




Finally, the Omega Summon Trap Card lets you target any number of banished Invoked monsters with different names and Special Summon them to the field in Defense Position. Use Omega Summon to return several of your different Invoked monsters to your field at once.




The Invoked cards are easy to use and extremely powerful. You can try them out when Fusion Enforcers launches on February 24th!

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The Dark Illusion is available now!

August 5th, 2016

The latest booster set, The Dark Illusion, is now available in stores!

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Shining Victories: Evil Incarnate

April 27th, 2016

The Dracoverlord’s evil will not cease! With the powers of Dragon Alchemy, the Dracoverlords have created an army of terrible minions known as the Amorphages. Vector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord has outdone himself this time though, as the Amorphages from Shining Victories are some of the most diabolical Pendulum Monsters yet. Read more…